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12 Gazebo Decoration Ideas


Gazebos are an ingenious design that is great for customising your garden in a very stylish manner. You can choose whether to order one and have it delivered or make one yourself with DIY. There are many designs you can approach your gazebo, whether it be floral, café décor, or even exploding with colour and lighting. In this article, we will explore 12 awesome gazebo decoration ideas, and how you can get your gazebo to suit any style throughout the year.

1. Rustic Design

rustic wooden garden gazebo idea

Why not go old fashioned with your gazebo decoration ideas – we recommend rustic!

Go for a rustic design for your gazebo and make it the focal point of your garden, provoking a glamorous lounge-style environment for you and your guests. Going rustic will look even more natural with inviting plants and neutral-coloured touches like white furniture and teak garden benches.

2. Outdoor Cafe

outdoor cafe gazebo decoration ideas

Another recommended gazebo decoration idea is with a cafe design.

Nothing beats a whimsical outdoor café design for your gazebo for hosting afternoon tea for you and your guests. This gazebo design goes great along with stained glass lanterns and patterns aplenty.

You could even use this design for hosting a romantic dinner in the evening to enjoy a sunset with someone or entertainment with friends.

3. Cabana-style

cabana style gazebo decoration idea

Wine and dine with your guests by making your gazebo decoration more Cabana. Cabana style gazebos are very timeless and aesthetic that will make your gazebo look like a jungle-styled den. It mixes modern flare with traditional wood to make it an essential design for your gazebo.

We highly recommend black and white curtains for your cabana gazebo to make it even more timeless, although some people also prefer brown so that it blends more into nature in the summer. And don’t forget to add some unique dining furniture with it too.  

4. Colourful Garden Gazebo

colourful gazebo decoration ideas

Hit the summer in style with a colourful and whimsical gazebo that will truly spring to life all the colours of the rainbow. Keep this hideaway aesthetic alive all year round with the variety of fabrics and floral designs that will always keep your gazebo in your guests’ minds.

5. Floral Decor Gazebo

floral gazebo decoration idea

Turn your garden into a outdoor, cultural oasis with a beautifully designed floral space that will look great alongside some string lighting and leaf-printed pillows. Enjoy a lovely sunset with a cocktail with this floral design.

6. Dining Room Gazebo

dining room gazebo decoration idea

Make your gazebo a perfect place for a get-together meal with a dining-space designed aesthetic. Your designed gazebo in the evening will really bring to life the rest of your garden alongside some fairy lights, orange lamps, floral carpet, and candles that will make your evening meal forever a beautiful memory.

Your guests will instantly be wanting to return to your dining-room gazebo after witnessing your garden party.

7. Free-Plan Designed Gazebo

open free plan gazebo decoration idea

Go free plan for your gazebos and mix in a artistic design that will make the rest of your garden look more oriental. Look through different cultures, from Balinese, Cantonese, Chinese or even Indian, towards adding more culture to the rest of your garden.

Why not add oriental Buddha statues, too, to make your garden and gazebo more zen?

8. Bali Decor Gazebo

bali style gazebo decoration idea

Mix your cultural aesthetic with a Bali-styled gazebo and bring the orient to the rest of your home. You could make these from scratch and mix Bali hallmarks like raised flooring, and flared eaves. Perfect for a summer or autumn gathering.

Find out how to stay safe when hosting events in your gazebo here.

9. Lights Galore

well-lit garden lighting for gazebo decoration ideas.

Make your gazebo suitable for hosting events at any time of the year by keeping it well-lit. Mix and match your garden lighting to find a décor that suits you best, and make your guests feel cosy and right at home. Create a new mood in your gazebo with glamour with a unique selection of decorative lights, and it will remain magical throughout the year.

10. Decorative Screens

decorative screens for gazebo decoration idea

Decorative screens are simple and easy to maintain, specially made so that the screens do not rot or fade away. Traditionally made from wood, you can add decorative screens alongside adjacent walls or fix it securely to the gazebo itself.

Many people like to include climbing plants and colourful lighting to their decorative screens to create a more authentic space.

11. Soft Furnishing Accessories

soft furnishings decoration for gazebo

Gazebos allow for numerous accessory purposes, and there are multiple ways you can implement furnishings into it. From throws, cushions, and rugs, there are endless possibilities to choose from.

People want to be welcomed and instantly feel relaxed, and soft furnishings are bound to keep your guests happy and content in your gazebo for a long time.

12. Romantic Curtains

romantic curtains for gazebo

Curtains go with any type of gazebo. For those who have an iron style gazebo, romantic white curtains will certainly do the job here if you and your partner are enjoying a glass of champagne on a summer evening.

Curtains undeniably help to create the vibe for your gazebo setting, and you cannot afford to miss this when decorating your gazebo.

Gazebo Decorations Aplenty

Overall, there are way too many design ideas for your gazebo to be included in this article, but nonetheless, that is part of the fun, because you can find what type of gazebo is best for you and the purposes you wish to use it for.

Gazebos are a fun, beautiful space where you can sprout your wildest ideas to make it and your garden a social hub, unlike anything you have seen before.


What should I hang in my gazebo?

You can add anything to hang up in your gazebo, from tables and chairs, to lights and other decorations, depending on the event that you wish to host in your gazebo.

How to decorate a gazebo on a budget?

For those who want to stick to a low budget, you can decorate your gazebo with small lawn furniture, low maintenance plants, and a grill area for barbecues. By choosing your own theme, you can set your gazebo budget around that theme, and can set different intimate tones by opting for candles, lanterns, and spot lights.

How do you put fairy lights on a gazebo?

Fairy lights can be hung along the structure of your gazebo and then circle back round if you have enough of them. Spread them slightly further apart to create a straight line of lights.


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