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Is it safe to put a fire pit in a gazebo?

Is it safe to put a fire pit in a gazebo? Many of you who love outdoor gatherings may have this question on your mind. For example, if you could put a fire pit in your gazebo, you won’t have to limit your outdoor parties to summer only. Gathering around the fire pit safely under your gazebo sounds like a dream on the chillier autumn nights, and you don’t have to sacrifice spending time with your loved ones. But can you put a fire pit under a gazebo? Well, let’s find out!

Choose Your Fire Pit Carefully

Before we explore the question of ‘is it safe to put a fire pit in a gazebo’, we have to examine the classic types of fire pits you can get. Some will be safer to use in a gazebo than others. So, if you plan on putting your fire pit in a gazebo, you must be sure you have a good fire pit. Here are the three most common types of fire pits and which would be best to put in a gazebo:
    • Wood Burning Fire Pit – Wood fire pits are the classic fire pit, perfect for cooking on and gathering friends around. Wood-burning fire pits and their variations (such as chimineas) are not ideal for burning in enclosed spaces, so you must ensure that your gazebo has plenty of ventilation.
    • Gas Fire Pits – Gas fire pits rely on natural or liquid propane gas as their fuel source. As such, you can easily control the fires they produce. Having a gas fire pit in your gazebo is more than plausible, with good ventilation.
    • Bioethanol Fire Pits – Bioethanol fire pits are an eco-friendly choice and produce very little smoke. Bioethanol is a sustainable fuel that releases heat, water and controlled traces of carbon dioxide. As they are smokeless, bioethanol fire pits are ideal for gazebos.

Is It Safe To Put A Fire Pit In A Gazebo?

a fire pit in a gazebo on a beach So, on to the big question: can you put a fire pit under a gazebo? Well, the answer is yes, you can! However, there are several precautions that you must put in place to make the structure safe. By ensuring that your gazebo has enough space and adequate ventilation to hold a fire pit with no flammable materials, you can make it safe to put a fire pit in a gazebo in your garden. So, here’s what you should be aware of when questioning, ‘is it safe to put a fire pit in a gazebo?’

Choose A Structure With Good Ventilation

Apart from those fuelled by bioethanol, most fire pits can give off toxic fumes and carbon monoxide as they burn due to the fuel they use. As such, ventilation should be the top priority if you want to put your fire pit in a gazebo. In addition, giving the proper channels for these toxic fumes to be released from enclosed spaces is vital to avoid dangerous reactions. As bioethanol releases no carbon monoxide when burnt, you can safely use a bioethanol fire pit in any enclosed space. However, if you have a wood-burning or gas fire pit, you must ensure that your gazebo has plenty of ventilation.

Ensure There Is Enough Room

You must also be sure that your gazebo has enough room to house your fire pit without getting close to the flames. To ensure there is enough room, you should consider the height of the roof and the space it will give between the fire when lit, not just the unlit fire pit. Naturally, small fire pits will be better suited to put in a gazebo than bulkier models. This way, you can control the fire safely and not have to worry about the flames reaching the roof of your gazebo.

Avoid Using Flammable Materials

Once you’re sure you have the right fire pit, you should also check you have a suitable gazebo! Naturally, if you’re questioning whether it’s safe to put a fire pit in a gazebo, you must be aware that putting your fire pit under a gazebo made of flammable materials is a big no. If your gazebo is made of plastic or other materials used to create temporary structures, you should avoid putting your fire pit under it as they could easily catch fire. The best gazebo to put your fire pit under is made of treated wood or stone, as these are not flammable and will ensure a safe structure. Additionally, you should consider what material any furniture or garden decor that you plan to keep around your fire pit is made of. Ensure that these aren’t flammable either, as they could easily catch fire.

Check Your Local Regulations

Before you start any fire, you must be aware of your local regulations. Your local area’s regulations will tell you what you can and can’t do with your fire pit. For example, in some areas, they may state that you can’t light a fire pit if it is covered in any way, including by a gazebo roof. So, you should contact your local fire service or check your local council website to confirm what you can do in your area. You can check the fire regulations for the UK on the government page.

Always Have A Plan

Even if you have every single precaution in place, the sad truth is that something may still go wrong. In the event of an emergency, you must have a plan in place. Whether you will be using your fire pit in a gazebo or in the open air of your garden, ensure that you and everyone present is aware of what to do should something go wrong. You may choose to keep a fire extinguisher to hand, or keep fire suppressors, such as sand, close by at all times. Plus, it would be best to keep the number for your local fire service handy should you need them.

Keep Yourself Safe Around Your Fire Pit

So, is it safe to put a fire pit in a gazebo? Well, if you put the proper precautions in place and ensure that you have a back-up plan should something go wrong, having a fire pit in your gazebo should be nothing to worry about. Make safety your priority, and your outdoor gatherings should go off without a hitch.
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