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Gardening Tips

Spending time in your garden is one of life’s pleasures and with a little time and effort your green space can become your pride and joy. Whether it’s a simple lawned garden or something more elaborate, there are many physical and wellbeing benefits to being green-fingered. To help you get the most out of your outdoor space, we’ve put together top guidance from the Sloane & Sons gardening experts to get your garden blooming.

Whether you want to know what flowers grow best in the shade, are looking to get started and need to know the gardening basics or have any other burning question about your plot, we will soon get you gardening like a pro!

bench swing in a broken up garden
container garden
coastal garden shrubs
ladybirds on a leaf in a bug hotel
shovel digging soil up in an overgrown garden
bright yellow daffodils
hydrangea fast growing shrubs
vegetable garden