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  • Why Lutyens Benches Are Made For Royalty

    Photo of the royals from Getty It is always special when there is a landmark royal birthday. As part of the celebrations, we were treated to a series of Prince Charles’ birthday pictures.  These included William and Catherine with their young children; newlyweds Meghan and Harry and of course Prince...

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  • Landscaping tips that will increase your property value

    Introduction It is the dream behind the purchase.  Not only are you paying to live in your home, but you are investing in a future when your property might be worth more than you have paid for it.  The interior can be adapted and improved – there is no doubt...

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  • Encouraging Wildlife into Your Garden

    From the smallest insect to some of the wild animals we share our habitat with, everything needs to be in balance for not only wildlife to thrive but for our survival. From bees pollinating crops to garden birds picking off the slug from your lettuces, balancing the world around you...

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  • 8 Essential Landscaping Tips That Will Help Sell Your Home

    Trying to sell your home but not having much luck? Your garden can be a huge asset. We discuss how to update the landscaping to make your garden more appealing to buyers. When it comes to selling a property, most articles cover the interior. Clearly the most important consideration in...

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  • The Benefits of Solid Wooden Garden Furniture

    There are loads of different kinds of garden furniture, from plastic to metal; everyone has their preferences. Good quality and stylish garden furniture are just as important as choosing the best for your budget indoors. Take more than a quick look at the different styles and materials, you will be...

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