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  • Easy Ways to Perk Up Your Garden

    It's easy to think that your garden may not be as bright as it could but, but it's relatively easy to add some colour and interest to your outdoor space. Make Your Garden Fun Your garden is the place where you will spend the majority of the warmer summer months...

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  • 23 Spring Flowers for Your Garden

    Help your garden to bloom spectacularly this springtime.   Spring flowers are a breath-taking sight.  Filling us with renewed hopes and dreams for the months ahead.  As the weather gets warmer, the bright colors fill our hearts.  After a long cold winter, it is about time to get outdoors and enjoy...

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  • How to Make Your Big Garden Feel More Intimate

    A large garden is a fantastic outdoor space but can feel empty if there is not enough detail to add character and interest. How can you make your big garden feel cosier and little more intimate?   Making Your Garden Cosier Like a big interior room, without features and detail...

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  • 5 Tips for Hosting a Great Garden Party

    How can you host a fun party outside? Garden parties aren't just for summer because with the right seating and heating, you can kick back and relax with your friends all year round. But what else makes a great garden party?   How to Host a Garden Party Hosting a...

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  • How to Have a Memorial Bench in a Public Area

    There are many people who love the idea of placing a memorial bench, but when someone has passed away it is a difficult project to tackle and many people don't know how to get permission to place one in the first place. This blog explains the steps you may need...

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