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Why Lutyens Benches Are Made For Royalty


Photo of the royals from Getty

It is always special when there is a landmark royal birthday. As part of the celebrations, we were treated to a series of Prince Charles’ birthday pictures.  These included William and Catherine with their young children; newlyweds Meghan and Harry and of course Prince Charles and Camilla huddled together at Clarence House on a classic Lutyens Bench, a seat fit for royalty.

As a company, we have supplied Lutyens benches to important local landmarks such as Blackburn Cathedral in the past, and are pleased to see benches of this style now being recognised and enjoyed by royalty. We’ve always known that Lutyens’s benches are unique benches, but we are excited to see their exceptional design now being appreciated by the UK’s most well-known family.

What is it that makes these benches the seat of royals (and for anyone else with discerning taste)? Well, below is what we think makes them so wonderful.


The elegant shape

Does it look like a throne? A little bit.  The curving upward sweep of the back does lend itself to the wearer of a crown and the holder of the sceptre.  It is meant to resemble the elegance of a Victorian country home and could grace the lawns of any discerning woman or man who loves spending time in the garden.

The bench was inspired by the British architect, Sir Edwin Lutyen. The carving represents the elegant arches that were characteristic of a Lutyen design.  The seat mirrors the style and beauty of country homes he was famous for designing, with the rounded back panel complemented by the scroll armrests.

We feel that the design is universal – not limited by time or place.  It sits on the lawns of princes and the patios of neighbours in equal comfort.

lutyens wooden bench

The quality hand-crafted finish

The best people deserve the work of the best tradespeople.  We know that Prince Charles is a discerning collector of the work of talented craftspeople.  Therefore, it is only fitting that a quality Lutyens Garden Bench makes it into his collection.

Lutyens benches are generally crafted using traditional methods of mortise and tenon joints.  At Sloane & Sons, we continue to use the techniques of the artisan, developed over centuries.  The utilisation of these techniques add to the beauty of the bench, as well as improving its strength and resilience. The Lutyens bench is our favourite piece because it is classical and elegant, a design perfected over the years by talented craftsmen.


Environmental benefits

Indonesian legal wood

Prince Charles has always been a strong advocate for the environment and the sustainable use

of raw materials.  He has campaigned hard for his passions and is best known for his love of talking to plants.  As part of his birthday celebrations, he edited an edition of a magazine entirely focused on the countryside.

We are therefore not surprised Charles chose a bench made with teak wood. The solid teak that is generally used to craft Lutyens benches is beautiful, as well as being an environmentally friendly choice. Most teak is now sourced from Indonesia, who are pushing to ensure teak trees are only grown and cut down in sustainable plantations. At Sloane & Sons, we only use Indonesian Legal Wood that carries an SVLK certification. Beauty should not cost the earth.


Quality Teak Hardwood

By choosing benches crafted from teak, you are not skimping on quality.  Remember this is the seat of royals, and we cannot allow any splinters to stray into young Prince George’s fingers.  Teak is a stronger and harder wearing wood.  There may be lower grades of wood you could choose for your garden bench, but it would not pass the test of time like a Lutyens Garden Bench.

Teak Hardwood is superior for outside furniture because it contains naturally-produced oils that make it water resistant.  This is an essential consideration when you live in the United Kingdom.  We do like our rain, apparently! Although it is possible to use a coating to preserve the colour of the wood from new, we find that allowing the wood to age naturally offers a distinctive beauty over time.  Each bench becomes even more individual as it ages and becomes settled in its surroundings.

Prince Charles had clearly chosen to preserve the golden colour of the wood in his garden.  The bench looks as new as when it was first crafted.

lutyens bench

Enhance with accessories

We enjoyed seeing the bench in its simple state.  It comfortably seated two adults and two children – with a little room to spare.  This is what 1.5m Lutyens bench can achieve – and it can still fit into a smaller garden space with some class.

However, there are some accessories you can choose to make the seat even more regal in its splendour than even Charles and Camilla have permitted.  There is the option of cushions. We supply our cushions in cream, green and blue, which can bedeck your Lutyens Garden Bench and offer more comfort and luxury.  We can also provide teak oils that can continue to enhance your bench through the years.

We will even offer you an anchor kit for your soft or hard surface – and if you would like a plaque engraved with some text of your choice.  This could be the most celebratory of commemorations to a passed relative or to a place that is precious to your memories.  Finally, we offer a waterproof cover – always best to keep your throne perfect through the winter months.


In conclusion

We are pleased that Prince Charles selected a Lutyens Garden Bench, as it really is a regal design that deserves more recognition. It was wonderful to see Charles and Camilla with their closest family, enjoying his birthday in the garden of Clarence house.  We always knew that Lutyens benches were classy enough for a royal seat.

At Sloane & Sons, we offer the style of bench shown in the images of the royals. We also craft this bench in smaller and larger sizes, meaning that you can choose the most suitable size for your garden.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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