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We truly appreciate the beauty of teak hardwood for robust, stunning garden furniture. So much so that we've been handcrafting elegant furniture with it for over 25 years but our garden benches are more than hardwearing and visually pleasing pieces. All the wood we use comes from sustainable plantations in Indonesia, unlike many other suppliers who may use wood taken from natural forests and in doing so will harm the environment. 

All of our garden benches carry the ‘SVLK Certification’, Indonesia’s mandatory mark of sustainability. Ensuring that our wood comes from such sources reflects our ethos of being mindful of our impact on the planet.

What is Indonesian Legal Wood?

Illegal logging practices are a worldwide problem. Woodlands and forests are being illegally stripped at a worrying rate. Indonesia has taken the decision to stop this, and their tree plantations are now strictly managed. There are rigorous controls on the age, size and number of trees felled from each plantation, each year. Everything is overseen by the Indonesian government to ensure these trees are protected. This means that no healthy tree too immature, or too small is removed from a forest. The wood we use is therefore referred to as Indonesian Legal Wood.

Strict replanting programmes are also in place in these plantations. Replanting ensures sustainable and beautiful forests remain for generations to come. This helps support the communities and wildlife that depend on forests for income and as a place to live. For us, there simply isn’t any other option for our garden furniture. Anything else wouldn’t do for a company with quality and respect so ingrained in its business culture.

Teak Leaves
Teak Leaf
Indonesian Legal Wood

Benefits of Indonesian Wood Furniture

Our sustainable Indonesian wood furniture is made to last. We’re extremely proud to build high quality garden benches that will look stunning for years. Comfortable, stylish, durable and planet-friendly, they make the perfect outdoor seating. All with the SVLK certification guaranteed. So you’ll be safe in the knowledge your garden furniture is crafted from legally harvested wood. Traditional, classic designs or a modern, contemporary look. Either way, your outside space will be enhanced by our garden benches.

We’re a family-run business and using high quality materials is very important to us, which is why it’s also vitally important that we use eco-conscious hardwood. We’ve been crafting quality wooden benches and accessories for more than a quarter of a century. It’s our sustainability and craftsmanship that have made us one of Britain's largest online suppliers of garden furniture.

Our responsibly sourced, mature teak hardwood evolves gracefully over time. If left untreated, it will develop a subtle silvery tone. If treated with our teak care oil, the wood will keep its freshly cut, golden brown colour. Mature teak also contains naturally occurring oils. They make it more water resistant than other less hardwearing, younger woods. We use time-honoured, traditional woodworking skills to craft our beautifully sturdy benches. So decorate your garden with our sustainable Indonesian teak furniture and enjoy it for a lifetime!

Popular Indonesian Wood Furniture

  1. Lutyens Teak Garden Bench 2 Seater 1.2m 45
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Lutyens Teak Garden Bench 2 Seater 1.2m
    Regular Price £299.00 Special Price £249.00
  2. Sandhurst Teak Memorial Bench 3 Seater 1.5m
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Sandhurst Teak Bench 3 Seater 1.5m
    Regular Price £449.00 Special Price £399.00
  3. Cambridge 4 Seater Teak Bench 1.8m
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Cambridge 4 Seater Teak Bench 1.8m
    Regular Price £499.00 Special Price £449.00
  4. 180cm Westminster Wooden Bench
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Westminster Flat Arm Teak Bench 4 Seater 1.8m
    Regular Price £399.00 Special Price £349.00
  5. Lutyens Teak Garden Chair
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Lutyens Teak Garden Chair
    Regular Price £249.00 Special Price £199.00
  6. Backless Two Seater Salisbury Bench
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Salisbury Backless Teak 2 Seater Bench 1.2m
    Regular Price £225.00 Special Price £149.00
  7. Bakewell Kuta Teak Dining Table Bench Set 6 Seater
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Bakewell Kuta Teak Dining Table Bench Set 6 Seater
    Regular Price £2,999.00 Special Price £2,499.00

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