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Memorial Garden Bench Support

When a family member, loved one or work colleague passes away it is very common for those left, to want to commemorate with a lasting tribute, the life of the person who has passed.

Our range of memorial benches are able to fulfil that honour and our team of bench specialists are at the end of the telephone to help customers who need support, care and advice at this sad time. Whether you require a 2 seater , a 3 seater, a 4 seater or a 5 seater bench we will be able to advise you on the correct size to purchase, or if you have a nominated budget, we will be able to assist you with information on benches that fall within that criteria.

Commemorative Engraving Service

A brass plaque to affix to the memorial bench with your own choice of wording makes this commemorate piece of outdoor furniture far more personal. It can be an upsetting and sometimes confusing time following a bereavement and the wording you choose is so very important.

Some people wish for a only the name of the person who has passed to be on the plaque, other people would like to add a date and there are others who wish to have three lines of text about the deceased and what they meant to the people who are left. None of these options are wrong, it is important that the memorial bench with its plaque says exactly what you want it to say, or what you feel.

If you need some inspiration for the wording for your memorial garden bench then we are here to help. You may wish to have a short carved message into the wood rather than a plaque and if you inform us of your message, we will ask our carver to price that for you.

Memorial Bench Anchor Kits

For people placing a memorial bench in a public place, for example a church yard, park or village green setting, you will require an anchor kit to secure it to the ground – whether it be grass or a hard surface. We are able to advise you over the telephone what you will need and we also supply the anchor kits which will make the purchase of your memorial bench much easier and indeed smoother. Having guidance and support at a sad time such as this is invaluable, and we are here to help.