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Redesigning your conservatory can be a breeze and will help breathe new life into your treasured indoor furniture. This activity will help add and blend together different styles and comfort. You can use a range of materials to shape up your conservatory furniture, from rattan to wicker, teak, and leather. Using these materials will help the furniture to blend in with natural surroundings as well! In this article, we will explore ways how to revamp conservatory furniture for long-lasting results, at no extra cost, to make your conservatory a perfect social hub where you and your guests can unwind and enjoy comfortable furniture.

Revamp your conservatory furniture and give it a new lease of life!

Discover the ultimate guide towards sprucing up and revamping your conservatory furniture. As the autumn and winter seasons approach, you can rejuvenate your interior space with our expert advice for revamping your conservatory furniture rather than having to replace it.

The transition from warm to cold weather can cause your indoor space to appear lackluster and dull. Even if your current conservatory furniture is in excellent condition, you may yearn to inject new life into your conservatory. Sometimes these makeovers can be costly and unnecessary.

Finding the right replacement furniture can also be time-consuming and find furniture with the right quality and aesthetics can prove to be a challenge. Here are some handy tips for giving your conservatory the makeover it so deserves for long term use.

Guide to Revamping Your Conservatory

revamp conservatory furniture exterior

As you begin to revamp your conservatory, follow this step-by-step guide on how best you can approach this process, starting small and then going larger with the scale of revamping it!

1.   Replace your old cushions

One place you can start with revamping your conservatory furniture is by replacing your old cushions with scatter cushions, perfectly suitable for all forms of furniture. No matter whether they are tatty, stained or no longer plumped up, cushions can wear out fast. Therefore, it is important to keep up to date with current cushion trends to ensure that you and your guests can remain comfortable in your conservatory furniture. Even if you opt for single chair furniture for your conservatory, we believe that cushions go great alongside wingback chairs, especially if you prefer sitting in a smaller space to appreciate the rest of your conservatory space.

Check out the video below to see how you can reshape your sofa pillows and cushions!

2.   Update conservatory blinds and shutters

Another way in which you can revamp your conservatory furniture is by updating the conservatory blinds and shutters. Using blinds will help to regulate the lighting, effortlessly creating an ambiance that suits your overall mood. Whether you desire an infusion of natural light or a soothing atmosphere with carefully crafted lighting, blinds provide the flexibility you need.

Updating your conservatory blinds will also improve the aesthetics of your conservatory, and you can choose a balance that suits you between the outside elements and lighting inside your home. Blinds also help control temperatures better too, serving as a shield against direct sunlight and will prevent excessive heat in the summer. Again, if you wish to relax in your conservatory in the winter, simply close your blinds and they will help to store more heat inside your home, as well as trapping air from escaping. There are many varieties of blinds that will help keep you cool in the summer that are worth installing too.

3.   Replace your conservatory roof

revamp conservatory furniture roof

Lastly, when revamping your conservatory, you cannot forget about the roofing. With this, you don’t have to start from scratch if you already have a conservatory installed. In fact, most modern roof systems for conservatories can easily be installed and replaced and can provide results in next to no time.

A revamped conservatory roof works by letting in more natural lighting, and you can control how much light it lets in! this will even work for converting your conservatory into an extension of your home. By implementing this method, you will likely need to update the furniture, too, which is where the next main set of information comes in!

Time to Revamp your Conservatory Furniture

Your conservatory furniture is the centerpiece for the rest of your conservatory, and the colour and style of it will set the mood immediately as soon as you and your guests set foot inside it. To make sure that your conservatory furniture is revamped and set to its full potential, follow the impending instructions carefully for great results.

1.   Reupholster the furniture

Furniture can wear away over time, and certain styles of chairs and sofas can quickly become outdated, especially with patterns and colours coming out and out of fashion swiftly. We are all experts when it comes to comfortable or uncomfortable furniture throughout our lives, and you will know whether you find something comfortable or not, down to the colour and upholstery.

Did you know that reupholstering furniture is a lot easier than you think? There are many choices when it comes to the fabrics of conservatory furniture, and you can truly go to town with your choices! Upholstery furniture can be purchased at reasonable prices, or alternatively, you can check out much it is for a furniture reupholstery cost.

Once your conservatory furniture has been reupholstered, you can sit comfortably again and enjoy the space both indoors and outdoors, and even consider how well our wooden garden lounge furniture would fit in your garden as well.  

2.   Repurpose your conservatory furniture

You can also revamp conservatory furniture by giving your old furniture a new purpose. You can release your creative side here, and ingeniously reuse furniture that you may otherwise throw away. Try transforming ordinary stools into charming coffee tables simply by draping them with a stylish tablecloth. Take your space-saving game to the next level by repurposing a sideboard into a unique dining table, while an old chest can effortlessly become a cozy bench seat.

Furthermore, do not let chipped teacups go to waste! Repurpose them as delightful vases, adding a touch of whimsy to your conservatory- perfect for those wishing for more of a classical or rustic vibe.

Do not dismiss broken mirrors either, since these can also be repurposed to frame a new piece of art or cherished family photos, therefore adding a personal touch to your home.

Are you looking to reinvent your garden into something more shabby? Take a look at these shabby chic garden ideas that are bound to turn a few heads.

3.   Repaint the furniture

revamp conservatory furniture by repainting

Revamp conservatory furniture by repainting them and giving it a stunning makeover with these expert tips!

  • If you have wooden furniture in your conservatory, begin by sanding them down to help create a smooth surface for the paint.
  • Choose a fresh and inviting colour palette to help breathe new life into the furniture pieces. Why not choose pastel shades or off-white colours to infuse warmth and coziness to the rest of your conservatory? We have taken this initiative ourselves and have found that the soft hues will counterbalance the potential coldness that wooden furniture often emits, and instead will promote a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Make sure to apply multiple coatings of paint, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly before you add the next layer.
  • For those who own teak wood furniture, remember to take a photo of it and send it to us so we can see how well our furniture is fitting in in your garden or conservatory. And if you are unaware of what is teak wood, then do not miss out on this revolutionary furniture material!

4.   Change the conservatory hardware

revamp conservatory furniture hardware

Among the other methods on this list for revamping conservatory furniture, changing the conservatory hardware is perhaps the quickest and easiest method to update. This activity can be aimed at a chest of drawers or even a cupboard, that looks outdated and needs sprucing up a bit. You do not have to repaint these as well, since that could be too time-consuming.

All you need to do is replace any hardware materials that may be made from metal, silver, or gold, including knobs and handles, and choose a style that will suit the rest of your revamped conservatory. They do not have to be one design either, so feel free to mix and match them to suit your needs. This activity should not be too costly, and for those looking to stick to a budget, visit your local charity shops to see what bargains they have on offer that will suit your revamped furniture.

Are you becoming stressed at home? Check out our strategies on how to reduce stress so that you can live an easier life.

5.   Mix and match the new and old

Society is made together of new and old concepts, so why should your home be any different? After all, life imitates life, and vice versa! You may have a certain purpose for your conservatory, whether it be a dining room, or isolated space for you to get away from your everyday life. We recommend using vintage furniture for your conservatory if you are wishing for a classical designed dining room, and will help to bring more personality to the room as well.

6.   Shape up the conservatory walls

revamp conservatory furniture wallpaper

Some prefer bare walls, whilst others prefer display wallpaper. We have all fallen victim for a particular wallpaper that we cannot resist, only to realise the price is a bit beyond our means. Instead, opt for a clever technique of framing samples of wallpaper and turning them into a piece of art on your walls, with the right framework to complement the overall décor too.

7.   Add a throw into the mix

revamp conservatory furniture throw

Have you heard or seen a furniture throw before? They are very simple, effective, and easy to purchase. What more could you ask for?! If you wish to hold onto your shabby sofa a little longer, or even if it is not quite the right colour, a throw is sure to revamp your conservatory furniture in a way that suits you best. They are also extremely cozy, so if you are cuddling up in the evenings, you can easily wrap yourself inside a throw like your little cocoon. Throws can even be a short-term investment if you so desired, and if you want to change it with the season, you can easily change it again.

8.   Alternatives to repainting wooden furniture

Varnish is the way to go when it comes to making your wooden furniture look beautiful. Even if you do not wish to paint over the original colour of your conservatory wooden furniture, simply apply some varnish onto the items that you believe need revamping up, and this will help to give it a different edge and appearance. Embrace your darker side with a little varnish on your conservatory wooden furniture, and you will not regret it.

9.  Raise a glass for cocktails

What would a relaxing conservatory environment be without a few cocktails raised?! From old tables, sideboards, and even drawers, these furniture offerings will provide the perfect spacing to include your vintage glasses and decanters inside. Turn these vintage furniture offerings into a rustic bar for your conservatory if you want to host more social gatherings. Your guests will think that you are quite the vintage drinking connoisseur.

What makes vintage conservatory even better is that even if they do not match, you may not feel as heartbreaking if they got scratched or broken.

10. Add decals to your conservatory walls

revamp wall decals

No one likes to have a room in a single block colour, because that would be boring. Do not be afraid to embrace your artistic side. Mix in various decals which will make your conservatory walls to stand out more and be more detailed! Mixing different colours may even compliment your conservatory furniture as well.

Even if you have kids, you can make your conservatory more child friendly by adding a splash of cartoonish animals or their favourite movie characters on the walls. There are so many options to choose from for your wall décor ideas.

If our furniture ideas excite you, be sure to check out our sister website Tub Chairs. We have great offers on home furniture as well as content regarding trends surrounding furniture in your home.

Revamp Conservatory Furniture to Suit Your Needs!

Now that you have reached the end of this article, your mind must be brimming with ideas on how to revamp conservatory furniture at cheap and affordable prices. After all, you do not need to implement all of these tips at once. Instead, you can make it a little project to partake in at weekends, to give you time to install the best ideas that you can think of. At Sloane and Sons, we believe in optimising your money to the fullest potential, and these conservatory revamp ideas bare this ideology in mind. You can even reduce waste and lower the demand for new manufacturing processes, meaning that you are doing a little recycling here too! Make your conservatory space flourish this year with renewed beauty and purpose.


How can I revamp my conservatory furniture?

There are several ways to revamp your conservatory furniture.
You can start by giving it a thorough cleaning using appropriate cleaning products. If the furniture has cushions or upholstery, consider reupholstering or replacing them for a fresh and vibrant look.
Additionally, you can paint or refinish wooden furniture, apply new varnish or stain, or use specialized products for wicker or rattan furniture. Adding decorative elements like cushions, throws, and new accessories can also help revitalize the overall appearance.

What are the popular colour choices for revamping conservatory furniture?

The choice of colours largely depends on your personal preferences and the desired ambiance. However, popular choices for conservatory furniture revamping include neutral tones such as white, cream, beige, and light grey. These colours create a fresh and airy feel, complementing the natural light in the conservatory. Additionally, pastel shades, earthy tones, and vibrant hues can be used to add pops of colour and create a livelier atmosphere.

Can I paint my conservatory furniture?

Yes, you can paint your conservatory furniture to give it a new look. Before painting, make sure to clean the furniture thoroughly and sand any rough surfaces. Choose a paint suitable for the material of your furniture, such as wood, metal, or wicker, and apply it evenly using a brush or spray. It’s recommended to use a primer before applying the final coat of paint for better adhesion and durability. Allow the paint to dry completely before using the furniture.

How can I update the cushions on my conservatory furniture?

Updating the cushions is a great way to revamp your conservatory furniture. Start by measuring the dimensions of your existing cushions or furniture frames to ensure a proper fit. You can either reupholster the cushions by removing the old fabric and replacing it with new fabric of your choice, or you can purchase ready-made cushions in desired colours and patterns. Consider selecting fabrics that are fade-resistant and suitable for indoor use.

What can I do if my conservatory furniture is worn or damaged?

If your conservatory furniture is worn or damaged, there are a few options to consider. Firstly, assess the extent of the damage. If it’s minor, you can try repairing it yourself using appropriate materials and techniques. For more extensive damage, consider professional furniture repair services. Alternatively, if the damage is beyond repair, you may need to replace the damaged parts or invest in new furniture pieces altogether, depending on your budget and preferences.

How can I protect my revamped conservatory furniture?

To protect your revamped conservatory furniture and prolong its lifespan, there are a few measures you can take. Avoid placing the furniture in direct sunlight for extended periods as it can cause fading and deterioration. Consider using blinds, curtains, or UV-protective films on windows to minimize sun exposure. Additionally, using furniture covers when the furniture is not in use can protect it from dust, dirt, and potential scratches. Regular cleaning and maintenance also play a vital role in preserving the condition of your furniture.


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