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  • 5 Ways to Easily Update Your Pond Area

    We take a look at five ways you can update the garden pond, restoring it to the calming oasis you want it to be. A garden pond is great for your garden for so many reasons but not least because it attracts all kinds of wildlife. Along with the soothing...

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  • How to Keep Cats and Rats Out Your Garden

    Nothing is worse than spending your time, energy and hard earned money on your garden, only to have neighbourhood cats use it as a litter box and rats move in like they own the place. Thankfully, there are quite a few inexpensive and easy to assemble ways to keep cats...

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  • Understanding Grief – How to Help Someone who is Grieving

    National Grief Awareness day is help on the 30th August each year and is a chance to discuss an important, common and overpowering emotion. When we experience loss, we experience grief. It can be brought about when we lose someone significant in our lives, a pet or something we consider...

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  • Simple Cocktails That You Can Enjoy In Your Garden

    Nothing is better than enjoying a few Summery cocktails in your garden. While Fall might be on its way, there is plenty of time to enjoy these classic drinks that taste great all year round. 1) Minty Magic – Making Mojitos for the Masses! This citrusy cocktail is refreshing and...

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  • 5 Simple Ways To Encourage Wildlife To Visit Your Garden

    With wildlife experts reporting a dramatic decline in many of the UK’s most loved garden mammals, insects and birds, we’ve drafted this list of 5 simple ways to encourage wildlife to visit your garden. If you sometimes feel that gardening is a bit of a chore, you’ll be relieved to...

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