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  • How to Build a Functional Garden Bar Area

    National Relaxation Day is nearly upon us. Every year on 15th August, we are encouraged as a nation to make an effort to spent a portion of our day relaxing and disconnecting from the hub-bub of daily life. By learning to relax, we learn to unwind and de-stress, an important...

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  • What Flowers Grow Best in The Shade?

    Shady Garden spots can often be overlooked as many plants and flowers benefit from being placed in areas that get more sun. This doesn't have to be the case, as there are many different flowers and plants that thrive in shadier areas Hosta Hosta is a herbaceous perennial that is...

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  • How to Spend More Time in the Garden with Your Family

    We are so busy with our lives and careers, as well as social outings and events, that spending time together as a family falls by the wayside. But did you know that the garden is the perfect space for your family to bond and enjoy each other’s company? And here’s...

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  • 10 Timeless Wedding Gift Ideas

    Many wedding gifts are soon outdated or broken. Frankly, the toaster no longer cuts it as a wedding gift but for guests, this means buying a suitable gift just got a whole lot harder. Our special and timeless wedding gifts ideas are just what you need. Gone are the days...

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  • Creative Ways to Refresh Your Patio

    The patio can quickly look tired and boring so why not give it a new lease of life with these creative ideas?   #1 Paint it Hop on down to your local hardware store, invest in the jazziest colour masonry paint you can find to give the patio – concrete...

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