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  • Easy Garden Furniture Cleaning Tips

    It is a task that needs doing often and so any garden furniture cleaning hacks are welcome. We discuss some of the techniques for making it easier. If you are enjoying the 2018 summer heatwave, you are probably spending more time in your garden than in your home. And that...

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  • The Important Role Insects Play in the Garden

    As gardeners, you create a mini eco-climate in your back garden but to do so, it needs to be a balanced environment. And this means encouraging all of the wildlife into the garden, insects included. But for too long we have assumed that all insects are bad for the garden. Greenflies...

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  • Why It’s Important to Spend Time in the Shade

    Sun can be rare in the UK so when it does shine, the temptation is to spend hours sitting and frying in it. But spending time in the shade is beneficial – and here’s why. National ‘Stay of the Sun Day’ on July 3rd is not about dampening the summer...

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  • Gardening Basics That Will Help You Become a Pro

    Are you a home gardener looking for ways to make your garden flourish and produce healthier, more vibrant plants? Do you want to learn some of the tips that experienced gardeners use to look like a pro? This guide was designed for you. From preparing your soil to choosing the...

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  • How to Host a Summer Garden Party

    A garden party is the ideal summer party but what is it that you need to consider in order to make it a success? We discuss how to host a successful party in the garden and the pitfalls to avoid. The sun is shining and every weather forecaster in the...

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