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5 Tips for Hosting a Great Garden Party


How can you host a fun party outside? Garden parties aren’t just for summer because with the right seating and heating, you can kick back and relax with your friends all year round. But what else makes a great garden party?


How to Host a Garden Party

Hosting a garden party is fun. A great way to gather family and friends together, the space in the garden is the ideal place for parties and social gatherings. But with these hints and tips, you don’t just have to keep garden parties for the summer months.


1) Lighting

Solar lights have come on leaps and bounds since their inception all those years ago. From summer garden parties to parties in the autumn, lighting is essential not just for practical reasons but for aesthetic appeal too.

And the options are many and varied;

  • Parasol lighting is great for adding spotlights over the table or seating area without too much glare
  • Fairy lights are ideal for adding detail and interest, as well as twinkling, soft glow. Why not string up lights under the parasol or gazebo?
  • Garden lighting is also a great way of illuminating pathways. There are minimal post lights as well as lights disguised as rocks, perfect for highlighting key areas and plants.

Even better, solar lighting is also a cost-effective addition to the garden. Find them online, in supermarkets and DIY stores.

Or, if you plan on hosting garden parties on a regular basis, why not invest in mains-connected lights and electrical sockets? These lights and sockets will need to be suitable for outdoor use and installed by a professional electrician.


2) Define the area

On one hand. Erecting the gazebo on the lawn may seem like that is all you need to do. Your guests can mingle and wonder of their own free will.

However, you may decide you want to define the space a little more and get more out of it. We’ve seen some great ideas;

  • A garden bar is ideal for denoting the space where you can get your drinks
  • Line a wheelbarrow with clear plastic and tip in a load of ice, pushing drinks into the ice mountain to cool them – a quirky DIY alternative to an expense garden bar!
  • Hire a portable bar company to provide drinks, great for when you are hosting a larger celebration (and they have the alcohol licence too, so no worries there!)
  • Use lighting and seating as a means of showing where the ‘social’ space is too, great for preventing a crowd gathering at the back door or patio!


3) Seats, seats and more seats

The thing with inviting family and friends round for a party is that we never seem to have enough seating but, in the garden, you can afford to be a little more informal.

  • Garden benches – position benches in places where people are likely to gather, such as next to flower beds or the pond. If you are investing in new seating, ring the changes with pretty banana benches
  • Camping chairs – foldaway camping chairs are ideal for ad hoc, informal seating
  • Bistro sets – as well as seating, you want a little bit of tabletop space too. Bistro sets are an ideal, cheap addition to your garden furniture stash


4) Keep it simple

The best thing about a garden party is that they don’t need to be formal or too contrived to be a success. In fact, when you invite people over to a BBQ or garden-based celebration, they immediately know that it will be fun but relaxed.

You can always theme it if you feel you need to but why not just kick back and enjoy people’s company rather than making sure everything is matching and themed?


5) Seasonal tips

The garden is a beautiful space, no matter what the season but you do need to make a few changes depending on when you are hosting your garden party;

  • Winter – as well as lighting, you are going to need heat. From fire bowls on tables to fire pits and patio heaters, you’ll be amazed at just how warm you can be in the garden in the depths of winter.
  • Autumn and spring – chillier evenings and a slightly fresh breeze mean that as well as chunky layers, you may need some blankets and throws too.
  • Summer – the sun is shining, and the temperature is balmy. Aside from sunburn, it means one other thing: bugs. From wasp traps to citronella candles, there are many options for keeps bugs, wasps and gnats at bay.

What are your top tips for holding a garden party?

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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