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Add Colour to Your Garden this Summer


Your garden might be looking a bit sun bleached with all this sun. with colour fading before your very eyes, brighten your garden with colourful accessories. But where to start?


How To Make Your Garden More Colourful

Summer is THE best time in the garden. With long, warm days and pleasantly cool evenings, who isn’t out there, enjoying everything the garden has to offer.

The problem is, that with so much use and so much sunshine, the garden can fade. And this means making sure that you add as much colour as you can, and not just in summer.

Take a look at our hot tips for a colourful summer garden.


The Colour Spectrum

When it comes to planting fragrant, colourful blooms, there are few things to keep in mind;

The colour wheel. This is a great place to start when it comes to pockets of contrasting colours in your flower borders.

The colour wheel shows contrasting colours (colours opposite each other) and companions colours (colours next to each other). Choose colours that are opposite each other on the wheel for effortless contrast across the entire garden.

As the colour wheel shows, purple flowers – think, tall spiky purple Iris – would work well alongside a yellow flower – how about yellow Freesias dancing in the wind?

Blue flowers work well opposite orange and to bring out the redness of a flower, grow it in a border of lush green shrubs or planting.

Hot colour, hot places. Hot colours like red, yellow and orange love the sun and so, generally speaking, planting them in full sun works well.


Cooler shades. Blues, greens and purples are cooler flowers, working well in partial shade or shady spots. But before you plant, check the planting instructions to make sure it is in the right place for it to thrive!


Use Accessories Like Scatter Cushions

We are all adapting to using our gardens as an extension of the home thus, many more gardens now boast a lounging sofa or cute hammock seating.

And that means they are ripe for colourful accessories. From cute coloured plant pots to outdoor scatter cushions and throws, adding more colour is a sure way of creating a happy but practical space too.

Rugs are a fantastic, affordable accessory that can add pattern to a garden too, great for introducing a hint of something different too.

Outdoor rugs and cushions may be a little more expensive than those used in the home but they are more able to stand up to the weather, including heat from the sun, than ordinary materials and fabrics.


50 Shades of Colour

Bright colours make us feel great! But you also need to be aware of how natural light affects colour too.

For example, blue and purples flowers, along with pretty white ones, will often take on a different shade. Be aware of this when you plant up borders as the results can be stunning in an evening.

And don’t forget fragrance too.


Colourful Paint

If you’ve taken more than a cursory glance in recent years, you will have seen how much bigger the range of colourful garden paints now is compared to choice in the past.

Previously, garden paint came in various shades of brown. But today, you can have deep pinks and vibrant reds, earthy green or mauve.

As its specially made for garden furniture, it’s a great way of adding colour;

  • Green is great for providing a neutral backdrop against which most plants – including lush green vegetation – stands out.
  • Blues and purples are cool colours and work great in shady areas or in spaces where you want to create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.
  • Reds and yellows are ideal when you want to add a feeling of warmth to a space. They are fun, vibrant colours.
  • Pinks are also common in various garden paint ranges, denoting fun space. They also provide a great background for colourful blooms, reds and purples especially.

Coloured Pots

If you struggle to make your garden colourful in the winter, then the time has come to get clever with planting and pots.

There are some plants who have amazing colour during the winter, even if they shed their leaves. Choose trees and shrubs with attractive bark for winter interest and don’t forget that pretty pot plants have their place too.

As daylight is sparse and heat from the sun very low, most winter flowering shrubs and plants are very light in colour. Maximise this colour by planting bulbs such as snowdrops in vibrant coloured pots for amazing contrast.

And of course, lights in the garden are beautiful all year round too…



Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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