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Plaque engraving ideas for your memorial bench


When you buy a memorial bench, it is often to mark an occasion or to celebrate a person.  Yet, when seeking to find the perfect words to write on a plaque for your memorial bench, it can be tricky.  What would be a fitting tribute that will have a lasting resonance in the minds of visitors? Through time we have seen many such plaques for memorial benches and can offer some advice and suggestions to help.  If you are struggling to find the right words, we hope this article will act as a useful guide.

Seek simplicity

It may be that you merely need to keep it simple.  The bench is symbol enough, placed as it is in the favourite place of your loved one.  Therefore, the three words “In memory of” followed by the name of the person or people you are memorialising may be enough.  If an organisation has donated your bench in memory of a person or group, then you could add their name too.

Alternatively, you can just mark the occasion that is being marked and the date that this is being observed.  For instance, you might use a plaque to memorialise a wedding anniversary, “to celebrate 60 years together.” Alternatively, if it is to celebrate people who are special for some reason, make it clear why they are unique. For instance, if there is a bench outside a first responders’ station, you could include a plaque that claims the seat is “placed in the memory of those who lost the life in their line of duty.”

Make it personal

It may be that there is something distinctive about the individual that is going to be known by all who met this person.  It may be there is a sentiment or an aspect of their personality that would be a fitting tribute.  Think about a phrase that they may commonly have said or emotion they always evoked in the heart of the other.  It might not be that you even have to put the name.  If the personality is big enough, the phrase will be memorial enough.

Alternatively, there are lots of moving quotations said by famous people or from famous books.  Search for an apt quote that captures what they meant to you or what they represented in your life.

Imagine writing something compelling such as “Don’t count the days, make the days count” from Mohammed Ali. If the person you are memorialising was known for living life to the full and would want this for other people.  If your loved one was known for being resilient and prosperous because of this, you could use the words of Bill Bradley “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”

There are a whole host of inspirational quotations on the internet that can help you.  Spending time selecting precisely the right saying can help to heal wounds and can add to the power of the gesture.

Talk directly to the person

Ultimately, your memorial plaque is a conversation between you and the person or people you are commemorating.  Therefore, you need to consider what you would want to have said if you had the chance to say one more thing.  Equally, if the person is still with us, and you are giving the bench with the plaque as a sign of commitment or love – how would you voice these emotions in person to them.  Remember these words will last for many years. It can be a powerful reminder of the bond you share with the other.

A reminder

A memorial bench with a plaque is the most beautiful gift.  It is also a powerful way to mark the life of someone special or a group of people who have made an extraordinary sacrifice.  The bench will be somewhere where people can stop and reflect.  They will pause on that seat, having read the plaque, and contemplated the life, or the emotions expressed by this gesture.

Objects are easy to buy and to give.  However, this authentic and honest sentiment is priceless and cherished.  The reason you are finding the words difficult to find is that it seems impossible to capture the magnitude of the emotions involved.  Your thoughtful act of a bench with a plaque will be enough – no matter what you say – to mark the power of the relationships involved.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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