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How to make the most of your small front garden


Small front garden ideas are challenging to come by.  You have this decent plot out back, which inspires you.  Then you have this smaller bit of land that is a bit of a dilemma.  There are many ways to make a front garden look good and add to the curb appeal of your home.  You will end up being so pleased with your choices that two-seater wooden benches could offer the perfect perch to admire your work.

Start afresh

When designing your front garden, it is a good idea to start right back at the beginning. When you are down to the soil, consider using lose slate chippings.  Not only does this lose slate reduce the need for paved areas, which can be expensive, but it also allows rainwater to soak through to the ground.  You can also plant climbing roses, which will soften the front of your house.

If you do choose loose slate, be sure to lay fabric between the stones and the soil.  If you select the right geotextile, the material will repress weeds while offering appropriate drainage.

green garden gate

The right gateway

The entrance to your home sets the first impression.  Therefore, the right gate can have a significant impact on the emotions felt by you and your visitors.  Choosing a white wooden gate can create a dominant image at the front of your house, and you will need to keep it looking fresh with regular coats of paint.  You don’t have to purchase a brand-new gate.  There are some excellent options in reclamation yards.

Get your landscape back

It is easy to allow your bins and recycling boxes to dominate the front of your home.  You don’t need to produce anything too fussy to make a different impression.  You can use a raised bed and plant some sempervivums, which do not require too much soil depth and are happy in drought conditions.  If you use offcuts of wood and old decking plants, you can create the perfect planter without having to spend too much money.  You could even build a bin hideaway and cover with your DIY planter box for the perfect camouflage.

clay pots stacked up

Upcycle containers for a pot paradise

Although you don’t want to squeeze too many pots in your front garden, it can be the perfect way to add some colour to your smaller plot.  The containers can be made from almost everything around your home – you need to apply some upcycling imagination to your work.  You don’t have to spend money, as it seems plants are happy to grow in almost everything.

Frame your front door

Maybe the perfect use for your front yard is to create a frame of plants and shrubbery to your front door.  You can use bay lollipops in pots to create a classic look.  Alternatively, there are small trees that create a perfect sculptured look or maybe a box or privet hedge.

If you do use pots by your front door, be sure to turn the containers occasionally to help the plants grow evenly.  To help with this task, choose faux terracotta, which tends to a lot lighter – as well as a lot cheaper.

hanging basket

Hanging basket essentials

Expanses of brick wall can be harsh.  One of the best ways to soften the front of your house is with a hanging basket.  You can change the basket seasonally, so there is always a hint of colour to welcome you home.  You will need to keep summer bedding plants indoors until after the last front, which means you will need to hand hardy plants over the winter.

If you want to be smart, you can select your foliage that complements the colours of your house.  If you have a lot of red brick, you might want to contrast this with some vibrant purples, for instance.

Imagination over money

You do not have to spend a lot to make your front garden a talking point.  You need to apply some creativity.  If you are going to use containers, for instance, you could select tubs of various sizes.  When you organise the larger boxes to the back and the smaller to the front, you will create a compelling, layered look to your garden with only a low cost.  When you choose your plants for your containers, be sure to check out the growth heights to maximise this tiered looked.  If you buy your seeds out of season, you will save money here too.  You need to plan a little to make a big difference to your budget.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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