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Seasonal Planting and Blooming Guide


We have created a single resource to help you design your garden throughout the seasons. Simply click on one of the seasons and you will see a list of flowers you can sow in that particular season, and slightly further down, a list of flowers that will bloom in that seasons.

This timeline of a gardener’s year will help you create a space that will have points of interest throughout the year. You will learn to sow your basil, lilies, and witch hazel in winter but at the same time enjoy the bloom of your flowering heather, winter jasmine and Christmas rose. Then, as the days pass and spring warms the earth, you will start to plant your dahlias and your fiddleneck. You will be enjoying the bloom of pansies and your clematis.

For those of us who only dream of the skill of the professional landscapers, this is an essential guide. Imagine if during the summer you are in awe of your snapdragon, irises, and sunflowers, and you know these will soon be replaced with the bloom of begonia, goldenrod, and Japanese Anemone. There will be no point in your garden when it looks tired and dead, as you have patchworked your garden with such strategic planting.

So, you may feel that the summer lacks any interest for the active gardener, who should sit and watch the fruits of their labour. Well, now you know you should be thinking about sowing wallflowers, lupins, and foxgloves, ready for future blooms. You might, as a gardener, feel depressed by the deadened look of your winter garden. Now you know you should consider planting sweet Alyssum, Violas and of course, snowdrops, to lift you from the winter gloom.

Enjoy this invaluable gardener’s guide to planting and blooming, and whilst your at it, you could always consider purchasing a wooden bench to sit back upon and enjoy your blossoming garden.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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