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Introducing the Salisbury Backless Bench Collection


Spring will soon be upon us and with it brings the long awaited allure of a new cycle of life. The birds will soon be chirping again and those plants and flowers we’ve been desperate to see come back into bloom will once again grace us with their undeniable charm.

To celebrate the (hopefully) upcoming improvements in the weather and climate, we’ve got an incredible selection of backless benches available to pre-order in time for March delivery.

Why Choose a Backless Bench?

A lot of people are drawn towards a backless bench quite simply for their different appearance to more traditional garden benches. Often considered a more casual style of seating, they are sometimes viewed as a more trendy variety of garden bench as the world around us gradually moves away from the suit and tie and into the shorts and t shirt outlook associated with the turn in the weather.

We love all of our benches here at GardenBenches.Com but a backless bench does offer something that other benches can’t. Depending on what, or more importantly who, is running around your garden, you may have to constantly adjust in order to keep track. Backless benches allow you to be versatile and turn, twist, shake and reverse to keep on top of on goings.

Salisbury Backless Teak Garden Benches

All of us here at GardenBenches.Com are delighted to introduce our stunning range of Salisbury backless benches. We are offering three different sized varieties to help you get exactly what you need for whatever purpose you wish your backless bench to fulfil. Our 120cm (two seater), 150cm (three seater) and 180cm (four seater) seats offer style and grace in abundance.

Ideal for a whole range of activities, backless benches are versatile and durable. Want to use yours as an extra few seats at a barbecue? Or perhaps as a wedding or anniversary gift for the happy couple to enjoy the garden together? Whatever the reason, you’ll be sure to achieve it with this remarkable seating option.

Lutyens Backless Teak Garden Bench

As well as our upcoming Salisbury backless benches, we also have the delightful Lutyens backless bench at 150cm coming back into stock just in time for garden season. With all the same qualities of the Salisbury collection, it also incorporates the rounded arms made famous by traditional Lutyens style seating.

Lovingly Crafted from Sustainable Sources

Our aim is to provide our customers with impressive products without taking away from the world. All of the wood used in conjunction with our range of backless benches is sourced from Trees 4 Trees initiatives.

Local communities in Java, Indonesia work together on forestry projects, reducing poverty and ensuring that all wood used in the production of benches is adequately replenished, empowering communities as well as the environment.

Every single bench sold sitewide comes with a unique World Identification Number (WIN) so you can see exactly where your backless bench has come from and how you’re helping

Purchasing Backless Benches

These beautiful seat arrangements will likely not be around for too long. The best advice would be to snap them up while they’re here to avoid disappointment.

Don’t forget, you can add a range of accessories such as waterproof covers, anchor kits and teak oil to increase longevity and security.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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