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Why Buy a Tree Bench


It is just so “English” to see a tree bench around the base of a lovely oak tree, either in a residential garden or perhaps a public area, but it is also quite majestic to see a tree bench around a flagpole or perhaps a sculpture either adjacent to a village green or perhaps in a military or arboretum setting. Sometimes the versatility of tree benches are overlooked in these settings purely due to the name of the bench we think.

Not only is a tree bench something to sit on, it enhances the beauty of the area in which it is located and becomes quite a feature and almost a landmark in some cases. A 360 degree view across a beautiful garden, widespread parkland or perhaps a village green setting can be a very happy place to sit-a-while, enjoy the view and indeed watch the world go by. A tree bench can also transform a tree into a place of shelter from the rain or perhaps some people will welcome shade from the mid day sun – a cooling spot that can give seating space to the whole family. Good for a quick picnic too if the grass is too wet to set on.

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a tree bench for any location is the service it will give and indeed its longevity. Grade A teak harvested from plantations in Indonesia offer a sturdy and solid tree bench that is highly conducive to the elements of the English weather and requiring little if any, maintenance time. One of the most important factors is knowing that your tree bench is sourced from legal sources and that the carefully selected trees ensure the tree bench that you purchase will be an attractive focal point in your chosen location, giving many many years of happiness.

The tree bench is an amber honey colour and the Grade A teak is very dense and rich in protective oils, so over time it will develop a silver hue or patina as it is exposed to the natural elements of the weather. This is perfectly normal and there is no need to cover the bench. If you want something a little more bespoke in your garden, you can paint your tree bench in a colour to suit your tastes but if you don’t want to paint it or apply any treatments to it, you can just spend your time on the things that really do require your attention and let your tree bench age gracefully.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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