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Jack and Jill Garden Bench


What is a Jack and Jill Bench and why is it that everyone talking about them? If people are talking about them then they are buying them, so let’s explore this “must have” garden seating more closely.

A Jack and Jill Bench is not exactly a bench. Benches are imagined as a piece of 2, 3, 4 or 5 seater outdoor furniture, but a Jack and Jill Bench is a beautiful set of two chairs joined together by a central table – all in honey coloured grade A teak. Also known as a companion seat or a love seat or a tete a tete bench – all of these names mean the same thing, a Jack and Jill Bench

There are varying designs of Jack and Jill Benches, some have the chairs angled slightly towards each other and others have the chairs facing forwards – neither design is wrong as it is all down to personal taste, beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the old saying goes.

So where does the name of this bench come from? The suspicion is that it came from the nursery rhyme, in that the two chairs are for two people who feel comfortable with each other and want to share the table between them. Bringing these thoughts into a more contemporary and 21st century way of thinking, the Jack and Jill bench offers an informal yet hugely functional outdoor hardwood seating option that combines comfort, style and elegance in quite a majestic way. It is more of a showpiece than a traditional bench would be and it deserves to be placed in a location where it can be not only sat on frequently, but where it can admired by others. It has the ability to beckon people towards it – begging to be sat on.

Everyone loves to have nice things around them in their home and as a nation we have actively transferred those thoughts more and more into our gardens and outdoor living spaces over the last few years – why is that? Well, we are forever optimistic in our hopes for warmth and sunshine and on those days when the good weather fairy waves her wand over us, we are keen to be outside with family and friends in an area that is quite likely larger than our lounges and dining rooms, allowing space for larger numbers of people to get together and have happy times. This allows everyone to admire your Jack and Jill bench in a way that they would have admired the furniture in your home historically, and everyone loves to be praised for their good taste don’t they?

In addition, and perhaps something that you may not have thought of, the Jack and Jill Bench is a perfect gift. A wedding gift, an anniversary gift, a birthday gift and even a retirement gift. It is perfect for so many special occasions and you just cannot go wrong with it.

That’s why everyone is talking about it.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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