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How a Memorial Bench Can Make the Commemoration Process Easier


As Remembrance Day comes around once again the fond memories of loved ones we have lost can be stirred up, making it an emotional time for many. However, memorial benches are a wonderful way of commemorating someone special, not just on Remembrance Day, but all year round.

Losing a loved one is never easy, but finding a special way to remember them can help to make the process of grieving easier. Memorial benches are becoming more popular than ever as people have come to realise the important role they play, not only in helping those who are grieving to come to terms with their loss but also for the whole community.

How Do Memorial Benches Help to Commemorate a Loved One?

Memorial benches are a beautiful way to remember someone who has passed on, and will serve as a lasting reminder and celebration of their life. They are an especially wonderful idea for someone who had a love of a certain place. Memorial benches can be placed in parks, seafronts, on public commons or in village squares. These benches assist in keeping your loved one’s memory alive forever. Bearing a memorial plaque with your loved one’s name and a personalised message, they convey a message of love that will remain for generations to see.

Memorial Benches Help You to Remember

Those who are struggling to cope with the grieving process often find that having a special place to go and remember their loved one is helpful, especially if that place was important to that person. Many people find that installing a memorial bench dedicated to their loved one and visiting that spot regularly makes their loss more bearable and find that they appreciate the time to reflect on happy memories of their time together.

How Can Memorial Benches Help the Community?

A memorial bench can offer a host of benefits to the community. Not only are they beautiful, adding style and elegance to public spaces, but they are also incredibly useful to members of the public passing by. Memorial benches serve a vital purpose for people young and old.

How to Arrange a Memorial Bench

If you have decided that a memorial bench is a perfect way to remember your loved one, you will need to speak to the proper authorities at the council if you want it to be installed in a public place such as on a seafront or in a park. If you would prefer to install your bench in a cemetery or churchyard, you can contact the church or cemetery directly to discuss the matter.

Caring for A Memorial Bench

A teak memorial bench is extremely easy to care for, making it a low maintenance solution for commemorating your loved one. As they are suitable to be left outdoors throughout the year, they can survive even extreme weather conditions, and will never crack, rot or warp ensuring that your loved one’s memory will remain intact.

Teak also requires no ongoing treatment since it is well protected by the natural oils which migrate to the wood’s surface making it almost entirely impervious to water infiltration. Although teak will naturally change colour over time, neither its quality nor strength will be harmed by this process, and weathering naturally is the best way to maintain the wood.

If you wish to preserve the teaks original colour, there is a teak protector treatment available which will give the wood a bit more protection. These products are not harmful to the furniture and will not affect how long it lasts, they just preserve its appearance. As these products require a regular application to maintain the look, it will increase the time spent on maintenance of your bench.

Remember your loved one’s life with pride by investing in a memorial bench, and create a legacy that will not only help others but which will last a lifetime.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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