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Winter Tips for Garden Design


Now winter is well and truly here, it’s time to give your garden some love to keep it looking stylish and seasonal.

Just because winter is here, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your outdoor space or garden bench. From giving your garden benches a winter makeover to adding some twinkling touches for a little extra light on dark days, your garden can be just as beautiful when the weather is cold as it is during the summer. We’ve compiled a list of top tips to help you give your garden a chilly face lift.

Winter Door Decor

Door wreaths aren’t just for the festive season, they can be used all winter long to bring a loving touch to your porch or back door. To avoid too Christmassy a feel, opt for seasonal evergreens with pine sprigs, pine cones and maybe a few decorative ribbons in glacial whites or silvers.

Create A Sparkling Winter Wonderland

The dark days of winter can be depressing, but you can make your garden warm and inviting by bringing in some light. Twinkling fairy lights and flickering lanterns are sure to go down a treat. Wind colourful fairy lights around trellises for a magical feel, and place attractive old-fashioned metal lanterns on outdoor tables, or on the patio for a Victorian look.

Makeover Your Garden Benches

While you may enjoy sitting on your garden benches during the summer, soaking in the sunshine, they may look sad and unused during colder months. Maximise your outdoor space by giving them a winter makeover. By adding fleecy blankets paired with some cosy chenille or velvet cushions, in beautiful winter colours such as white, grey and silver, you can cuddle up outdoors and enjoy sipping a warm drink while revelling in your winter wonderland.

Twinkling Trees

While going all-out for a fully decked Christmas tree in your back garden might be a little too much before the month of December, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of your trees from the start of the season. By winding white LEDs around the branches, you can create a stunning and atmospheric feel when night falls.

Install A Fire Pit

Although most people tend to associate a fire pit with summer nights and long, lazy barbecues, they lend themselves perfectly to winter living. Installing a fire pit in your back garden allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces whatever the weather. They’ll provide warmth and atmosphere all season long. What could be more wonderful than toasting marshmallows over your roaring fire, either with a loved one or friends?

Attracting Wildlife

Although winter may be rough on us humans, it can be just as tough on our feathered friends. With food scarce as the frost and snow sets in, it’s more important than ever to help the birds. Attract robins to your garden with a bird table strewn with crushed nuts or black sunflower seeds. You could even hang out fat balls for them to peck at. Even if the weather is too cold to sit outdoors, you can have the pleasure of looking out of your window to see the beautiful birds.

Create A Winter Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets aren’t just for summer. Make use of those old pots by filling them with seasonal plants that will bring colour and style to your front door. Choose natural green foliage, interspersed with pine cones, wisps of white and touches of holly. Then, wrap the pot with a hessian bow for an eye catching wintry display.

Winter Whites

Nothing sums up winter better than the colour white, so go for snowy touches in your garden, porch and patio. Give your furniture and garden benches a coat of white paint for a seasonal feel, and add white decorative touches such as white pots and planters to reflect the cold weather in your outdoor décor.

Wooden Touches

Make use of natural resources by using wood as a decorative feature during the colder season. Fill baskets with logs, twigs and sticks as an attractive feature on your patio or in your porch and add wooden ornaments or wall art to your outdoor space for a natural and rustic feel.

Follow these helpful and handy garden décor hints and you can enjoy your own winter wonderland with a garden that perfectly reflects the season. From seasonal colours to natural materials, you can enjoy your beautiful and welcoming outdoor space all year round.




Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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