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Garden Design Styles for Summer


Garden Design Styles for Summer

Summertime is the season where your garden really comes to life and you can look forward to long and lazy days entertaining family and friends and dining alfresco with your loved ones. If you are embarking on a garden makeover this summer, we’ve put together a run down of the most popular garden design styles for the season ahead. From tranquil and sensory Japanese garden designs to cute and colourful Mediterranean inspired outdoor spaces, we will talk you through every garden design style and give you helpful advice and tips on how to recreate it in your garden and more. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of most sought after garden styles and the plants, materials, colours and textures required to re-create them.

The Mediterranean Garden 

Re-creating a Mediterranean garden design is all about harnessing the essence of sunny Spain and using it to add a timeless charm to your own outdoor space. This style of garden is usually filled with scents such as Jasmine, Rose and Lavender and Mediterranean gardens as a result are informal and boast a relaxed vibe that makes them perfect for entertaining. Once you add key drought-resistant plants such as cacti, succulents and maybe even a water feature, you can complete the design with a couple of rustic wooden benches from Sloane and Sons. A sensory seating area will add the perfect finishing touch to a Mediterranean style garden as this type of garden design is sociable in nature. The key to recreating a Mediterranean garden is to combine plants with fragrant herbs, mixing colours, scents and textures to set the scene. It helps to present plants in pots as a cluster for an authentic feel.

The Japanese Garden

Incorporating traditional Japanese elements into your garden design is a simple way to update it for the summer season. This type of garden design captures the tranquility and elegance of Japanese culture and often includes a combination of rocks, plants and water features for an authentic finish. To begin, you can create a zen-like atmosphere in your garden with plenty of greenery. Japanese garden design cleverly mixes different green shades to create a subtle contrast of colour and texture. Then add a few key plants to the area. Chinese Juniper, Camellia, Evergreen azalea, Photinia ‘Red Robin’, Osmanthus, English yew and Portuguese laurel are all viable options. A pond or water feature is a key aspect of this type of garden design and Koi and Goldfish offer a splash of colour while the water itself adds to the serenity of the space. Lastly, a secluded pavilion is another common element when it comes to Japanese style gardens and you can create this using a simple wooden structure and a variety of wood benches.

Japanese Garden

The Modern Garden

A modern garden is a lush, inviting space that uses contemporary colours and textures to bring an outdoor space to life. This particular style relies on masses of greenery with pops of colour here and there. When recreating this style, it is wise to envision a minimalistic space enhanced with carefully chosen accessories and seating. Get it wrong and your outdoor space will feel cold and uninviting. Repetitive foliage focused plants are the key to achieving the continuity that a modern garden design requires and then you can complete the look with angular benches, modern sculptures and accessories with a geometric shape. In order to feel welcoming, you should add plants and accessories that encourage a playful and lively vibe and you can do this simply by adding colour and using plants to soften the look. Ornamental grasses are the perfect way to prevent a modern garden from looking cold and clinical. Yucca, Canna, Hosta combined with the Red Hot Poker, Agapanthus and New Zealand Flax is a magical mix.

The Tropical Garden

Tropical garden design is adored for its vibrant, exotic style which may seem like quite the challenge when aiming to recreate it in Britain. Creating a tropical inspired garden at home relies upon injecting a dose of drama into your outdoor space with lush greenery and large plants. Tropical gardens often incorporate hardy plants such as bamboo to add height and movement but Gunnera, Musa Basjoo and Trachycarpus Fortune work just as well. Tetrapanax Papyrifera is a superb option should you wish to create a jungle feel. The key to creating an authentic Tropical garden design is to use plants and grasses of different heights to really add a unique dynamic to your outdoor space. When choosing plants and grasses for your garden consider picking a variety that ranges from ground-hugging plants to tall plants to add interest and create that jungle inspired aesthetic.

tropical garden

The Desert Garden

Simply put, a Desert garden is designed to reflect the natural beauty of the desert via native plants and a subtle use of colour. Ochre, burnt oranges and vibrant red shades all work well in a desert garden as do natural textures such as wood. Banana Benches that are perfect for summer are the ideal finishing touch. In terms of plants, Palo Verde, Desert Lavender, Chuparosa, and Mesquite are all popular choices that complement this theme. Granite and steel add an edge to any Desert style garden and this can be incorporated in the form of a garden shed or a sculpture. This can be a stunning focal point that really draws the eye when you enter and creates a point of interest in a large space. Grass doesn’t really add much to a Desert garden design so swap areas of greenery for patios and paths and from here you will set up the bare bones of your Desert garden.

Eco Friendly Gardens  

Another popular garden design for the summer months is an Eco Friendly outdoor space. Are you looking for ideas to make your own garden or yard kind to the environment? Sustainability is a key factor when creating this type of garden, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. So how do you create your own environmentally friendly oasis that looks great too? Begin by sourcing recycled materials for your garden design. Not only are recycled materials kinder to the planet and help you to reduce your carbon footprint, they also carry with them a certain sense of charm that adds character to your garden. When planning your garden design, think about how you will conserve water, how you will cut down on waste, how you will cut back on chemicals and which plants will complement an eco-friendly garden design. Companion planting is common when it comes to eco-friendly gardens. However not all plant combinations work well so do your research before you attempt this.

What Flowers Should You Plant in Spring for Summer?  

Knowing exactly what to pant and when can really help you to create the garden you have always dreamed of. If you want your garden to be blooming with colour in time for the summer months, there are a number of summer flowering bulbs that you can plant in the springtime. These include Dahlias, Cannas and Lilies to name a few. It is important to look out for Annuals, which are flowering plants that have a life cycle that lasts one season. For example, planting Marigolds, Zinnias, Sunflowers, Morning Glory, and Moonflower in the spring months will ensure your garden is filled with life during the summer.

It’s not just about the particular plants that you choose, but also where and how you plant them. Will the bulbs you are planting bloom well in full sun? Or do they require shade? Planting bulbs in the early spring also comes with the risk of frost which can destroy all of your efforts so it pays to be cautious and in some cases (for example with dahlias, cannas and begonias) it might be sensible to start them off in plant pots indoors before you take them outside. Protection from the elements is key to the success of your summer garden. Come early summer you will start to see the fruits of your labour with Upins, Delphiniums, Roses and Climbers all coming into bloom.

Whether you are planning a complete overhaul or simply a few updates to enhance your outdoor space this summer, our run down of garden design styles can’t fail to inspire. From Japanese gardens to eco friendly garden designs, we have everything you need to create an oasis of colour at home. Use this handy guide to plan your dream garden design and create a space that the whole family will love. From creating a seating area in your garden to choosing the right plants and knowing when to plant them, simply refer to our guide for expert advice.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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