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Boho garden ideas have become mainstream in UK gardens. Find out why in this article.

With so many different garden ideas to choose from, one approach that is unmatched and unparalleled that lasts the test of time is boho garden ideas. In this article, we will guide you through the essentials of crafting a boho garden, offering innovative boho decor ideas to transform your outdoor space into a bohemian paradise. Explore the fusion of boho design and bohemian decor UK trends, as we unveil tips and inspirations for establishing your very own boho garden, brimming with life and artistic flair.

What is Bohemian Decor?

A bohemian, or boho, garden encapsulates an essence of tranquillity and artistic flair, reflecting the free-spirited boho interior trend in an outdoor setting. This garden style is characterised by its relaxed and cosy ambiance, favouring organic curves and winding paths over rigid, straight lines. 

At the heart of a boho garden lies a decked area, crafted from durable composite decking, serving as a serene retreat. For instance, you could characterise your garden space with a plush sofa, a statement peacock chair, and a swinging hammock to create an inviting outdoor lounge. 

What Materials To Use for Boho Garden Decor Landscapes

Bohemian garden decor landscapes thrive on the beauty of natural, weathered materials that add character and warmth. Consider using composite decking for terraces to achieve a rustic yet durable surface. Natural stone paths and railway sleeper-raised planters provide texture and an earthy feel, perfect for cultivating a vegetable patch or floral borders. Complement these with furniture in natural fibres like rattan and bamboo, epitomising the boho spirit. Stepping stones create a sense of mindfulness, linking areas of the garden together in a more informal and playful way.

For a more natural aesthetic with your bohemian garden ideas, use our range of wooden garden lounge furniture. If you do wish to keep your bohemian garden decor lasting all year round, you want to ensure that the materials you use are long lasting as well, hence why you should use teak furniture which will complement the aesthetic perfectly. Unsure of what is teak wood? Learn more now.

What Colours To Use For Bohemian Garden Ideas

When selecting colours for a bohemian garden, consider natural hues like: 

  • Earthly terracotta
  • Warm clay
  • Khaki 
  • Greens 
  • Bright blue
  • Vibrant red
  • Soft pink

These shades promote a relaxed ambiance, ideal as a backdrop for adding accents in brighter or more dynamic colours. This approach allows for versatility in your garden’s style, making it easy to update in the future.

For those fully embracing the bohemian theme, bolder colours can be used to make a statement with your walls and fences:

  • Azure blue
  • Deep rust
  • Rich aubergine
  • Raspberry pink 

Complement these with accessories in matching tones to maintain harmony and balance in your garden’s design.

10 Unique Features of a Boho Decor Garden

To make the most of a boho decor garden aesthetic, you should:

  1. Embrace informality and relaxation, avoiding rigid, clean lines.
  2. Design winding paths to follow the garden’s natural flow.
  3. Choose rustic, natural materials for an authentic look.
  4. Utilise a colour scheme of creams, yellows, browns, rusts, and blacks.
  5. Craft a cosy nook with a sofa and overhead canopy.
  6. Install a terrace with a distressed finish for timeless appeal.
  7. Introduce a striking peacock chair and hammock as focal points.
  8. Use layered textiles, like cushions and outdoor rugs.
  9. Set an inviting atmosphere with soft, festoon lighting.
  10. Cultivate lush greenery with pampas grass, monstera, and ferns.

Learn how to hang festoon lights in any garden with our detailed guide now.

13 Bohemian Garden Ideas

Take a look at our recommended bohemian garden ideas to reintroduce more spice and life into your garden.

1. Daring Patterns and Textures

layered cushions as boho garden ideas

Bring forth bold, vibrant patterns that reflect your unique style within your boho garden decor. Bohemian decor thrives on mix-and-match designs that stand out against the lush green backdrop. Consider introducing outdoor rugs or our deluxe bench cushions in dynamic patterns like paisley or geometric shapes to add visual interest. These elements shouldn’t overpower but rather complement the garden’s natural beauty, providing a balanced yet eclectic ambiance.

2. Accessorise with Bohemian Flair

gnomes to add bohemian decor flair

Accessories are the jewels of a boho garden decor, reestablishing character and charm. Eclectic items such as colourful gnomes, serene Buddha heads, and whimsical wind chimes can create a playful yet peaceful outdoor space. The key is to blend these accessories seamlessly, ensuring they contribute to the garden’s relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

3. Wall Art that Speaks Volumes

Bohemian gardens are canvases for self-expression, and what better way to express yourself than through wall art? From murals to metal sculptures, wall art adds depth and personality to your garden. Choose pieces that resonate with your style, whether they’re vibrant mosaics or subtle botanical prints, to make your garden walls come alive.

4. Comfort in Every Corner

comfort with bean bags as bohemian garden ideas

Boho gardens are synonymous with comfort and relaxation. Create cosy nooks with plush cushions, beanbags, and throws in various textures and colours. These elements not only provide comfort but also inject further visual appeal in the garden, making it a perfect spot for relaxation or social gatherings.

5. Lighting to Set the Boho Mood

hang festoon lighting as boho decor ideas

The right lighting can transform your boho garden into a magical retreat. String lights, lanterns, and candles can create a warm, inviting glow, perfect for evening gatherings or quiet nights under the stars. Consider solar-powered options for an eco-friendly and sustainable choice.

6. Lush Vertical Gardens

vertical plant wall as boho decor ideas

Maximise your space and bring nature closer by installing a vertical garden. This can be a living wall of succulents, ferns, or climbing plants like jasmine and lavender, adding a touch of wilderness and freshness to your boho haven.

Learn more about growing lavender with our guide on deadheading lavender.

7. Fringe and Fabrics

boho garden ideas with hammocks

Fringing is a hallmark of boho style, adding texture and movement to the garden. Incorporate features such as fringed hammocks, cushions, or throws to add a playful and chic element to your outdoor space.

8. Embrace Earthy Tones

Boho gardens often feature a palette of natural, earthy tones. Use these colours in your planters, furniture, and decor to create a grounded, serene environment that complements the natural greenery.

9. Pergola Decorated with Lights

pergola as boho decor ideas

A pergola not only provides shade but also serves as a structural element for climbing plants, creating a living roof that integrates with the garden’s landscape. Adorn it with lights and fabric for a dreamy, bohemian vibe. You could even do this with arches as well in your garden.

Browse our recommendations for the best climbing plants for arches.

10. Garden Bars

garden bar for boho garden ideas

There has been a surge in recent years with garden bars. Transforming a shed or corner of your garden into a bar can create a social hotspot in your outdoor space. Equip it with boho-chic bar stools, a thatched roof, or vibrant decor to improve the celebratory atmosphere.

11. Hanging Around with Hammocks

A hammock is a must-have in any boho garden decor idea, providing a perfect spot for relaxation and leisure. Whether strung between trees or on a stand, a hammock invites you to unwind and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

12. Artistic Pottery

colourful pottery for boho decor ideas

Customise your garden pots with paint or mosaics to add a personal touch. White-washed or brightly coloured pots can reflect sunlight and add a Mediterranean or tropical feel to your garden.

Merge these boho decor ideas with our array of garden seating ideas to further experiment with your garden.

13. Add a Parasol

parasol as boho garden ideas

It has been widely recognised that a parasol is a staple of boho decor ideas, due to how it can protect you against the hot sun whilst looking stylishly pleasing. Therefore, no bohemian garden design would be complete without a parasol.

Turn Your Garden Into A Bohemian Decor Dream

In conclusion, creating a boho garden is an artful journey that blends bold patterns, eclectic accessories, and natural elements to forge a unique outdoor sanctuary. From the inviting softness of cushions and throws to the ambient glow of stylish lighting, each detail contributes to the bohemian ethos. Embrace the relaxed, free-spirited boho design to transform your outdoor space into a harmonious retreat that reflects your personal style and love for bohemian decor.

Check out this garden that was transformed from a concrete jungle into a luxury boho space.


How do you make a bohemian garden?

To create a bohemian garden, mix various plants, including perennials, succulents, and hanging plants, to achieve a lush, eclectic look. Incorporate colourful textiles, like outdoor rugs and cushions, use unconventional planters, and add decorative elements like fairy lights, lanterns, and vintage furniture. Aim for a relaxed, natural space that reflects a mix of cultural influences and artistic flair.

How do you make boho style?

To achieve a boho style, combine natural, rustic, and ethnic elements with a touch of artistic chaos. Use a mix of patterns and textures in fabrics, incorporate vintage and handmade items, layer rugs and throw pillows, and display eclectic collections of art, books, and trinkets. Opt for warm, earthy colours, and lush green plants to complete the look. 

What plants are considered boho?

Boho-style gardens often feature a mix of lush, carefree plants, including succulents, ferns, pampas grass, monstera, hanging plants like string of pearls, and flowering plants like lavender and wildflowers. These plants contribute to the relaxed, natural aesthetic characteristic of bohemian decor.


Davidson, L., (2023) This garden was transformed from a concrete jungle to a luxury boho space. Ideal Home. [online] Available at: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/garden/landscaping/before-after-concrete-jungle-boho-garden-makeover [accessed 13/03/24]

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