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Prepare Your Garden Furniture for the Summer


Summer is almost here, so it’s time to get your seating areas ready for an onslaught of BBQs and parties. This blog discusses how to prepare your furniture for the summer

The daytime temperature is hitting double figures and that means one thing: getting out in the garden and enjoying the sun for as long as possible.

And so, from the dark depths of the spider invested shed we pull out the garden furniture or unveil it from it waterproof coat with a flourish. But it’s time to give it a second thought and that means giving the garden furniture some much needed TLC after the winter hiatus.

And spring and early summer are the ideal times to do it. The weather is kinder and it is not unpleasant to spend time in the garden… even if it is cleaning the garden furniture. So what should you do to prepare your garden furniture for summer?

1) A good clean

In our excitement at casting off our winter overcoats, we can be a little too eager to enjoy the sunshine and simply unfold the garden chairs and dining table or whip off its protective cover and start using it.

But those months in the garden shed or hiding away under a plastic cover could also be hiding damage, as well as wear and tear;

  • Check joints and hinges for signs of damage and replace or repair as necessary
  • Check struts and planking on garden benches for damage, especially if items have been stored on top of them over winter
  • Although teak is a hardwood, it can still be attractive to some pests so check that nothing has tried to make your garden bench or dining set its hibernating spot over the winter
  • Dirt and debris, along with wind, rain and sun, can erode the top protective layer on the garden furniture and can be abrasive too – if nothing else, brush it off before use.
  • A wash with warm water and a gentle detergent can also work wonders to revive your garden furniture ready for the summer – allow it to dry naturally on a breezy day but in the shade

2) A new coat

Just as the cold of winter can be harsh on garden furniture, so too can the heat of summer.

How you treat and protect your garden furniture will depend on the material from which it is made. Teak garden furniture is popular because it offers longevity and toughness, with very little maintenance.

But it does need some TLC in the form of teak protection products. The wood needs to be nourished as well as projected from the weather. Oil, varnish and stains can do all this.

3) Update its look with paint or stains

If your wooden garden furniture is looking a little tired even after a clean and a wash, you could always give it a new lease of life by giving it some colour.

As well as varnish, there is a range of high-quality garden paints and stains that not only give your item a new look but a layer of protection too.

The trend for garden furniture in 2018 is taking on pastel shades. There are some beautiful colours to choose from, including pretty blush pinks, happy yellows and some delightful purples, greens and reds.

There are also more neutral tones such as understated creams and of course, the must-have colour of the moment grey as well as hints of mauve.

4) Update the look with accessories

Dining accessories are a great way of making garden furniture look bolder and improved since the last time it graced your garden.

And there are some fantastic ideas;

  • Solar powered string lights piled into washed jam jars are ideal dotted about the garden and can make for a very romantic backdrop to the garden bench
  • Dining accessories from a new outdoor dinner service to pretty glasses, napkins and table mats can also help an outdoor dining set with a new lease of They are also great for hiding the few dings and dents that garden furniture tends to pick up over the years.
  • A fire bowl is a tabletop mini-firepit that adds the mesmerising glow of flickering flames to your dining table or seating area and adds a touch of warmth too. If using on a wooden dining table, set it on a piece of slate or stone to protect the table top – and use with care!
  • Outdoor rugs are also excellent for adding a touch of colour and elegance to the seating area. Choose one that is big enough to make a statement as too small, and it will look ‘lost’ in the surrounding landscape of the garden.

And now all we need is plenty of summer sunshine! Here’s hoping…

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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