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Garden Bench Security


Remember our benches are for life, not just for a Summer!!! You have bought one of our teak, banana wood or painted benches possibly for your own garden or as a memorial to a loved one and of course you want to protect it and secure it from vandals and the elements.

Secure your Bench with an Anchor Kit

Although all our benches are sturdily made we also offer the opportunity to buy anchors for these benches to secure them to soft or hard surfaces.

So if you bought a bench for a public place such as a golf club, cricket ground or a cemetery, wherever you bench is displayed you can be sure that it can be anchored to the ground. There are two types of anchors, one for soft earth or grass or one for tarmac or concrete, so once your bench is in position, or you know where you are placing it, buy an anchor to suit and you will be confident that whatever the weather is typhoon, hurricane etc that your bench will be secure.

Many people who buy our benches do so as a memorial to their late husband or wife and wish the bench to be displayed somewhere that meant something to them, such as their favourite hole at their local golf club, or on the boundary of the cricket team they supported, and obviously you want to be sure that this memorial to them does not go missing. An anchor easily attached and also easily removed will keep the bench in place. In Winter, they can be dismantled and stored by the grounds men from the elements until the start of a new season.

Used in your own back garden they will also deter anybody from trying to steal your bench whilst you are away on holiday. The anchors supplied will attach to any of our benches, swings, or our bench and seat combination, so even if you have them on display in a very public place they will not disappear!

Certainly suggest to anyone you know who has bought a bench that although we do not like to think of anyone stealing their new purchase that anchors are available.

If you wish to store the bench in your garden shed for the Winter, then simply disengage the lock and place with the bench in a secure place until next Spring.

Many public places will possibly insist that the bench is locked firmly to the ground so as not be liable if it is stolen. Bowls clubs, cricket grounds and other large open spaces cannot be policed all the time and the anchor will give you peace of mind. Nothing could be worse than placing the bench in a prominent public place and for it to go missing.

So lock down your garden bench and be certain that it will be there forever for friends and family to use in years to come as a reminder of the person who has died but loved to sit and watch the cricket, football or bowls on a warm sunny Summer’s day.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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