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Fast Growing Shrubs


Have you just moved into a new build or into a house where there was once only dirt, weeds and concrete?  It is likely that you want a quick fix that will bring you some colour for the summer.  By choosing some fast-growing shrubs, you can keep your heart humming while the slower-growing plants get established for future years.

Here we list some of our favourite fast-growing shrubs for the new garden or for those looking to revolutionise space.


The hydrangea can grow into a bush and fill a corner in the blink of an eye.  The good news is that even when newly planted they can flower quite early on, producing large, showy blooms.  They also keep blooming well into autumn.  You will want to put these out of the way, in a shaded area; however, once it gets going, it won’t be long before you have an impressive addition to your garden.

Japanese Spirea

This, like the hydrangea, grows to be quite bushy.  It is a deciduous shrub that will die away during the winter but revive itself in spring.  If you choose the Firelight variety, you will get a display of beautiful red and bronze-tinged leaves in spring that change to green in the summer and then reddy-purple in the autumn.  Few shrubs offer this level of interest through the seasons.

Flowering Currant

This is another deciduous plant, but when it grows back in the spring, it quickly dresses in pink, bell-shaped flowers.  In the autumn these transform into berries that the garden birds will love.  This is a great plant to choose if you are hoping to attract wildlife into your garden.


This shrub grows with woody branches.  The bright yellow flowers spread quickly and shout summer.  You will want to keep these out the shade but are still beautiful for hedging or as a feature plant because when in full bloom they will dominate your view.


This is better known as the butterfly bush.  Therefore, if you are interested in attracting wildlife, then this is a must for your garden.  The great news is that this is an easy-going plant that doesn’t like it when you fuss.  It just wants planting in partial shade, and it will provide a mass of colour quickly.

Oregon Grape

This is an evergreen shrub.  This makes it a great plant to choose with some of the deciduous shrubs, ensuring you get some interest in the winter.  You will be delighted by the delicate yellow flowers in the spring, which are replaced by black or purple berries later in the year.


Maybe unfairly named, sounding more like a weed rather than a fast-growing shrub, Dogwood is a versatile, deciduous plant that will offer some startling displays of yellow, orange and red in the winter months.  This is an excellent addition if you are trying to achieve all-year interest, as even when leafless in winter the stems are a stunning red.

Christmas Berry

This is an evergreen shrub that can provide some privacy in your garden, acting as excellent hedging.  Young leaves will sprout red, giving you some early interest in your garden.  This will mature to deep green, though you will then enjoy the occasional white flower too.


This plant gives the impression that your garden is in full flame.  The firethorn has a fantastic display of red berries that stuns.  You can also choose varieties with yellow and orange berries or seek a mixture and make it look like your garden is on fire.   This is a hardy plant that enjoys the full-sun or partial shade in pretty much any soil type.  If you lack confidence in your new space, this could be an excellent place to begin.

Cherry Laurel

You wanted fast, and nothing grows with more rigour than the Cherry Laurel.  It will add 60cm of growth each year and can quickly get out of control.  However, if you are looking to create a quick privacy shield between you and your neighbour with a low-maintenance option – this is your best fast-growing shrub.   It will produce cherry-like fruits in the autumn but for most of the year will offer vibrant green foliage.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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