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How to break up space in your garden


While you might think that leaving your garden as one large space will make it look big and spacious, you might actually be selling your space short – and small. A lawn with garden borders sounds large and expansive, but it can actually play tricks with your perspective and make your outdoor space seem smaller than it is.

You can actually achieve the look and feel of a larger garden by creating a series of smaller spaces, breaking it up and effectively making different ‘rooms’ to explore and experience. If you decide to divide your garden into a series of different sections, you can effectively create a series of unique and discrete spaces for different purposes. Some sections can be for growing vegetables, some for floral beds, and one or two purely for rest and relaxation. Follow these tips and strategies for simple ways that you can divide your garden and create the tranquil and relaxing space of your dreams.

tall grass

Use tall and airy plants and grasses

Airy plants and grasses provide a natural barrier between different areas of your garden. Tall plants, including herbaceous plants and ornamental grasses, enable you to create divisions, breaking up the space and suggesting ‘rooms’ and zones that you can use for different purposes. The natural greenery lends a calming, relaxing touch to your garden.

verbena bonariensis

Use Verbena Bonariensis as a ‘screen’ in your garden

Verbena Bonariensis is a tall, yet ‘see-through’ plant that is an ideal height for creating a screen to divide your garden. If you want something more opaque, you can plant low hedges that can block light and create a sense of privacy. Low hedges can create zones in your garden, while taller hedges can make an area feel more private, blocked off, and enclosed. If you want this feeling to last all year round, go for an evergreen option, such as yew.

Use trellises and screens

If you want to utilise a more structured screen, you can purchase reed screens and ready-made panels. These can add a deliberate sense of privacy and separation that is more formal than using wispy plants and grasses.

Another natural option is to create a ‘fedge’ – a fence meets hedge. This is a woven fence used for a garden divider, and it makes an attractive and natural addition to any garden.

Consider these plants to mount and grow on a trellis:

  • Halliana (lonicera japonica) – make sure you prune this in the spring to keep it from growing out of control
  • Gloire de Marengo (hedera algeriensis) – a hardy variegated ivy
  • Star Jasmine (trachelospermum jasminoides) – climbs easily in mild areas
  • Marjorie – (clematis montana) – grows quickly with a sweet smell
  • Clematis (warszawska nike) – lovely purple flowers


Create a living archway

Archways are beloved by people around the world because they trigger a sense of delight and imagination. You can create a simple living archway with a trellis and a wide variety of plants, erecting a visual feature that will make your garden come to life.

Some of the best plants for a living archway include:

  • Sweet Peas
  • Clematis
  • Morning Glory
  • Trumpet Vine
  • Bougainvillea
  • Jewel of Africa Nasturtium

Creating Garden Rooms

When you create a series of garden rooms, you make your garden seem larger, more attractive, and well designed. When your garden is segregated into smaller chunks, it allows you to take in a more focused perspective and appreciate it in smaller, ‘bite sized’ pieces.

By creating garden rooms, you can also separate different colour schemes and garden furniture design into different spaces. One area can have a romantic, art nouveau feel, while another area can embody a more bright and tropical feel. Place a teak outdoor dining table and chairs, perfect for dinner parties, in one area, and a selection of more relaxing chaise lounges and hammocks in a ‘chill out zone.’

Different borders, trellises, archways, plant borders, colour schemes, and outdoor furniture will all help to delineate between your different garden rooms. What kind of space do you want to create?

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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