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Unique upcycled planter ideas for your garden


Imagine the scene.  You have just bought your teak dining furniture, and you are dreaming of summer alfresco eating.  You now dream about creating the most beautiful backdrop to your eating area.  A dull patio can be so uninspiring.  There is no need to go out and buy a load of expensive containers, as it appears, plants can grow almost anywhere.  Consequently, you can get creative and commit to some DIY garden planters.

Not only will you learn to create upcycled planters, but we will give you tips on how to make planter boxes too.

Old colanders anyone?

The metal colanders that we used to strain the potatoes and pasta make great planters.  The holes are brilliant for filtering the water through and maintain the right level of moisture in the soil.  If you attach some metal chains, you can create hanging containers, which are perfect for beside your doors or windows.

tyre planters on wall

Upcycle those tyres

Probably our favourite upcycling project is to use old tyres to create planters.  You can spray the rubber tyres a variety of colours and add some fun to your garden.  A garden plot which is the size of a tyre ring might be the perfect way to get children excited at the idea of cultivating flowers or even some small vegetables.

Some old drawers

If you have an old piece of furniture in your home, they could make the perfect containers.  This is how to make planter boxes, using the old drawers as your wooden frame for your flowers.  There is no need to allow items to go to the waste pile when there are smart ways to upcycle them and give them a new lease of life.

Old Tin Planters

Tea tins work well for this idea, especially the old Twinings tins.  These containers are perfect for growing herbs on your windowsill.  You will need to put some rocks in the bottom of the tin to help the roots breathe.  The tin planters can be a fantastic talking point with friends and are also simple enough to get kids excited too.

Old metal kettles and teapots also work brilliantly here.  Search the old trinket stores and pick up some of these pots.  The tarnished silver gives a perfect vintage look.

wellington boots

Welly Pots

Old wellington boots make great containers for flowers.  Old boots filled to the brim with soil look fun – and are perfect for posies.  Make sure you pierce small holes at the bottom of the boot to help maintain the right level of moisture in the soil.  You should also put some stones in the base of the boot to help aerate the soil.

Anyone got an old shoe organiser?

Everyone we know has bought one of those cloth shoe organisers that IKEA championed a few years back.  You may have found that no one bothers to organise their shoes into the hanger and so you are left with a bit of clutter on your wall.  How about filling the pockets with soil and hanging the shoe organiser from a fence – you could easily keep your lettuce plants out the way of slugs and other hungry critters.



This idea is perfect for the kids.  You can scan the beach for giant shells.  Fill these with soil and plant succulents in the opening.  You will need to be careful when selecting the type of plant, you use, as they will need limited space and shallow roots.  However, the effect can be stunning.

Upcycle drab pots

You might have a load of terracotta pots that you have gathered.  You think they are dull, and you don’t see them adding much to your garden.  You could smash the pots and use the debris at the bottom of other containers.  Better still, you could paint your containers and then connect them to fence panels to create the most beautiful vertical garden.  It only takes a little bit of effort but can transform a drab corner of your garden.

Ice cream pot planters

An excellent idea for the centre of your outdoor garden furniture, ice-cream pot planters look classy.  Those small dishes at the back of the cupboard that your gran gave you way back could be transformed in pots for single plants.  The bowl of the ice cream pots can be quite shallow, so it is a good idea to use succulents.

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