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The Benefits of Solid Wooden Garden Furniture


There are loads of different kinds of garden furniture, from plastic to metal; everyone has their preferences. Good quality and stylish garden furniture are just as important as choosing the best for your budget indoors. Take more than a quick look at the different styles and materials, you will be presented with a cacophony of choice.

Plastic lasts for centuries – hence pieces of plastic floating in our oceans for years and looking as good as new – and metal is a great material too, although it rusts.

Wood, you may think, loses out on all fronts. It can rot, it can be susceptible to pests and damaged by the weather. However, with the right care and attention, solid wooden garden furniture can last a lifetime. So what are the real benefits of this material for garden furniture?


Easy to maintain

Many people assume that wooden garden furniture has to be painted or oiled or even creosoted to last for any length of time.

But the truth is that with some timbers, this is just not needed. Let’s take the solid teak banana bench, for example, a popular item in our range.

Made from a dense wood, it is a timber that is more than able to stand up to the vagaries of the 22British weather. From long hot summer days, a rarity we know, to the grey, miserable days of winter, with nothing more than a waterproof protective cover, it will outlast most other materials.

It doesn’t rust like metal and neither will it lose its colour in the sun like some plastic garden furniture.

Keeping it clean is the main part of looking after wooden garden furniture, something that is easily done with a soft-bristled brush and a bucket of warm water. Some people do paint, oil or varnish their wooden garden furniture but it is not essential unless the furniture is not protected during the winter months.




Top of the list is style because if you want to make a style statement in the garden, is there really a better choice than solid wood garden furniture?

We think not. As a material, it can be carved and cut into all kinds of shapes from beautiful lines and angles to sweeping, glorious curves.

And this means that the final product is exquisite. Even the most ‘normal’ of items can have a style of their own. Take the humble garden bench for example. It can have a curved, shaped back with beautifully carved spindles and a comfy seat.




The versatility of wood for garden furniture, as well as indoor items, makes for a huge variety of choice. And for your budget and style preferences, this is great news.

The garden and how we use it and view it, has changed so much in the last few years. at one time, the standard piece of garden furniture was a table with chairs.

Today, however, we see customers buying a mix of garden furniture items, from teak dining table, chairs and outdoor benches to garden benches and swing seats.

Wood is a material so versatile that it can be used for almost anything, garden furniture included, giving you unparalleled choice.



Sustainable, renewable material

Wood is a natural material and brings a natural warmth the style of a garden. It fits right in with the natural landscape, rather than jarring against it.

We are often asked about teak in relation to sustainability. Teak, of course, is a slow growing wood, with large, mature trees not readily replaced by other trees.

We take our responsibilities to the environment seriously. We only buy teak from sustainable and managed sources. And that means that for every mature tree felled, several saplings are planted in its place.

But more than that, from an adult tree, many tables, benches, chairs and outdoor stools are made. There is little waste in the process too with all of the tree used in the manufacture of garden furniture, indoor furniture and other items.

There is also less non-renewable sources used in creating fantastic teak garden furniture too, unlike plastic with devours water and energy. The same can be said of metal too, in some cases.



An investment that lasts a long time

Eventually, after decades and decades of use, a hardwood bench will be at a stage where it can no longer give the service you want. It doesn’t pollute the earth as it degrades but is undergoing a natural process.

And from that teak bench, something else will form. But this will not happen for years and years to come. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in high-quality, wooden garden furniture?

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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