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  • 5 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

    From planting flowers, investing in new garden furniture and revamping your old furniture sets, there's plenty to get on with to prepare your garden for spring. Here are five ways to give the spring garden the helping hand that it needs. Get Your Garden Spring Ready With the first buds...

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  • 9 Small Garden Design Tips

    A small garden is heaven sent. With minimal maintenance required, you can enjoy a pleasant outdoor space. But it can also feel like it is constricting your gardening ambitions as many of us labour under the misapprehension that a small garden means no clutter and scant detail. How to Improve...

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  • Memorial bench FAQs

    You will find memorial benches in almost every cemetery and park in the UK. They are a very popular way to commemorate the life of a loved one. This article will look at the most frequency asked questions regarding memorial benches; where can they be placed? What are they usually...

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  • Spring Your Garden to Life with this Gardening Guide

    Spring Your Garden to Life with this Gardening Guide The garden is emerging from its winter hibernation and the first spring flowers have appeared. At this time of year, gardeners’ thoughts turn to new beds and new planting. After months of hiding indoors studying seed catalogues, it is finally time...

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  • Does Every School Need a Buddy Bench?

    For any school, creating a kind and inclusive atmosphere is critical to the success of their students. This extends throughout the school, from the classroom to the playground. But isolation of some pupils still happens, along with unacceptable bullying. There are various tools to combat isolation and one that is...

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