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10 Great Lawn Edging Ideas 


Creating a beautiful garden requires attention to detail; one aspect you shouldn’t overlook is lawn edging. Whether you want to create a precise border or a more flowing edge, lawn edging ideas can help. With so many lawn edging options available, from classic brick and stone to more unconventional materials like glass bottles and bamboo, there’s sure to be a style that suits your garden’s unique character. So, no matter what type of garden you want to complement, our compilation of ten of the best lawn edging ideas will help you achieve the perfect border for your lawn.

In this article, we will explore the following:

What Is Lawn Edging?

garden path with lawn edging ideas along the side

Lawn edging creates a boundary between the lawn and other areas, such as flower beds, walkways, driveways, or other landscaping features. This process helps to define the shape and borders of the lawn and creates a neater and more organised look.

You can use many different materials and techniques for lawn edging, including plastic or metal strips, bricks, stones, and even plants or shrubs. However, the choice of edging material depends on the garden’s style, type and design. Proper edging can help to prevent grass from growing into unwanted areas. It can also make it easier to maintain the lawn by providing a clear boundary for mowing and trimming.

How To Edge A Lawn

Lawn edging sounds tricky, but we’ve broken it into easy-to-follow instructions. Here’s how to edge a lawn in only seven steps:

  • Determine the Area to be Edged – First, decide which areas of the lawn you want to edge. For example, you could include the grounds’ perimeter, around trees or flower beds, along pathways or driveways, and any other areas where you want a defined border.
  • Choose the Right Tool – You can use a few tools to edge your lawn, including a manual edger, a half-moon edger, or a gas-powered edger. The choice of tool depends on the size and complexity of the area you want to edge.
  • Mark the Edge – Use spray paint or a hose to mark where you want to edge the lawn. This will give you a clear guide to follow.
  • Cut the Edge – Using your chosen edging tool, begin cutting along the marked line, pushing it down into the soil to create a clean and even edge. You’ll need to use your foot to push the blade into the ground for a manual or half-moon edger. For a gas-powered edger, the machine will do the work for you.
  • Remove Excess Soil – After cutting along the edge, use a shovel or rake to remove displaced soil or grass. Doing so helps to create a clean and even edge.
  • Add a Border – Depending on the type of edging you choose, you can add a border to the edge. This could be a strip of plastic or metal, a row of bricks or stones, or a row of plants.
  • Maintain the Edge – Once you have edged the lawn, it’s vital to maintain the edge by regularly trimming any grass or weeds that may grow into the edged area. This will help to keep the edge clean and defines

10 Lawn Edging Ideas

So, now you know how to edge a lawn; you’ll need some inspiration to help you choose the best edging materials for your garden. There are plenty of lawn edging ideas you could take advantage of in your garden. But, here are our favourite garden edging ideas to help inspire your imagination.

1. Steel Lawn Edging

Steel lawn edging is a durable, low-cost option that will fit perfectly with a contemporary garden design. However, if you’re looking for simple lawn edging ideas, steel is definitely for you. The simple installation requires you to unroll it, cut it to size and tap the spikes into the ground. And it will last for years, as the rustproof steel is sturdy enough to withstand regular contact with gardening equipment. 

2. Rubber Edging

Rubber edging is one of the best lawn edging ideas for those requiring a precise edge in smaller gardens. Although more affordable options are available, rubber’s efficiency makes it a top choice when looking for edging for flower beds. It’s also eco-friendly, durable, flexible and easily held in place using long pegs. 

3. Bamboo

Bamboo is worth considering if you’re looking for eco-friendly and visually appealing lawn edging ideas. Its natural look blends well with gardens with an Asian-inspired or tropical theme, or you can use it to add an oriental touch to your traditional garden. Bamboo is relatively inexpensive but durable and long-lasting, so that you can make the most of it for many years. You can use bamboo poles of different sizes and thicknesses to create a border that is as subtle or bold as you like.

4. Gravel

Gravel is another popular material for lawn edging, particularly for gardens with a natural or rustic feel. This is one of the most low-maintenance lawn edging ideas (once you’ve installed it, you won’t need to do much upkeep to keep it looking good), and it provides good drainage for your lawn, which can help prevent waterlogging and other problems. Gravel is also versatile, and you can use it in various garden styles, from cottage gardens to modern landscapes. In addition, you can use different sizes and colours of gravel to create a custom look that suits your garden’s character. 

Log Effect Edging

Log effect edging is a great lawn edging option for all types of gardens and gives the space a rustic touch without overpowering. Essentially, log effect edging is plastic logs made and painted to look like natural wood logs. However, you can use regular half or full-width logs for more natural lawn edging ideas. As you can get log edging made from teak wood, real logs can be just as durable as log effect edging, although they require painting or staining to keep their colour. As well as lawns, you can use log edging for flower beds and garden borders too. 

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Metal Edging

Metal makes for durable and sleek garden edging ideas that work well in modern and contemporary gardens. It is easy to install and relatively low maintenance, creating a clean and defined edge around lawns, flower beds or borders. You can get metal edging in a range of finishes, from polished steel to rusted iron, so you can choose one that complements your garden’s colour scheme and aesthetic. 

Plastic Edging

Plastic edging is an affordable option for lawn borders that works well in various garden styles. It is lightweight, easy to install, and comes in multiple colours and designs to suit your taste. Plastic edging is incredibly flexible, and you can use it to create organic shapes that blend well with the natural contours of your garden. It is also easy to maintain – wipe it down with a damp cloth to keep it looking clean and bright. Plastic edging is an excellent choice if you’re looking for budget-friendly and practical lawn edging ideas that you can use in many different types of gardens.

Paving Stones

garden with paving stone lawn edging ideas

Paving stones are an elegant lawn edging option that works well in formal and traditional gardens. They provide a sturdy, long-lasting border that defines your outdoor space and adds visual interest. Paving stones are available in various shapes and sizes, from rectangular to circular, and you can lay them in multiple patterns to create a custom look that suits your garden’s style. Another advantage of using paving stones in your garden border ideas is creating pathways and patios that complement your lawn edging, creating a cohesive and attractive outdoor space.

Brick Edging

Brick edging is a classic option for lawn borders that can work well in traditional and cottage-style gardens. It provides a stable frame for your lawn to help define your outdoor space and add visual interest. In addition, you can lay brick edging in various patterns to create a custom look that suits your garden’s style.

Lawn Edging Fencing

Lawn edging fencing is a versatile and practical option for lawn borders that can work well in various garden styles. It provides a physical barrier between your lawn and other garden areas, such as flower beds or vegetable patches, and can help keep pets and other animals off your property. Lawn edging fencing is available in various materials, from wood to metal to plastic, and can be installed in multiple styles to suit your garden’s aesthetic. 

Glass Bottle Grass Borders

Glass bottle grass borders are creative, eco-friendly options for lawn borders in quirky and eclectic gardens. They provide a unique and eye-catching border for your lawn that can add colour and texture. You can make glass bottle grass borders by burying bottles upside down in the ground, with the necks just above the soil level. The bottles can be arranged in various patterns and colours to create a fun, playful look that suits your garden’s style.

Living Edging

Living edging is a natural and organic option for lawn borders that work well in gardens focusing on sustainability and wildlife. It provides a soft and flexible edge for your lawn that can help integrate it into the rest of your garden’s ecosystem. Living edging can be created by planting low-growing plants or herbs along the edge of your lawn, such as thyme, chamomile, or sedum. These plants can help make a natural transition between your garden and other areas of your space and attract beneficial insects and pollinators. 

Make These Lawn Edging Ideas Your Own

We hope our lawn edging ideas have given you some inspiration for your garden project! From the classic elegance of brick and stone to the eco-friendly recycled rubber, there are many options to choose from when creating a beautiful border for your lawn. And don’t forget to think about incorporating seating areas into your garden design – a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy your newly-edged property is an essential element of any garden space.

If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable seating options to complement your lawn edging ideas, take a look at our outdoor wooden benches, banana benches and wooden garden chairs. Made from only the highest quality teak wood and designed with both form and function in mind, these chairs are the perfect complement to any garden style. So whether you’re hosting a garden party or just taking a break from your lawn edging efforts, be sure to take a seat in one of our wooden garden chairs and enjoy the beauty of your perfectly-edged lawn!


Is Edging Good For Your Lawn?

Yes, edging is generally considered good for your lawn. It helps to create a defined border between the lawn and other areas, such as flower beds or walkways, which can help to prevent grass from growing into unwanted areas. Edging also provides a clear boundary for mowing and trimming, making it easier to maintain the lawn. 

When Should I Start Edging My Lawn?

It’s best to edge your lawn in the spring or autumn when the grass is actively growing, and you can easily see the property’s boundaries. For example, if you have warm-season grass, you should edge your lawn in late spring or early summer, when the grass is at its peak growing season. If you have cool-season grass, you should edge your lawn in the autumn when the grass is recovering from the summer heat.

What Is The Best Edging Around Grass?

You can use many different types of edging around grass, including plastic or metal strips, bricks, stones, and even plants or shrubs. The best type of edging will depend on your personal preferences, the style of your landscaping, and the type of grass you have. Plastic or metal strips are a popular and affordable option, while bricks or stones can add a more decorative touch. Plants or shrubs can also be used as a natural and attractive edging material. 


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