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Gardening trends that are expected to be big in 2020


The new year is approaching, and you are looking to see what you should be doing in your garden in the spring.  As always, you set yourself high standards for your garden. Wooden garden seats can be your haven away from the madness of the world, and you want to be surrounded by only the best.  Here we gather together some of the eminent advice from experts of the gardening world, to help you shape your plans for your garden.  We would love you to make the most of your space, whether it is to dine alfresco, improve your health or grow your own food.

GYO continues to thrive

2019 started a trend towards self-sustainability that will flourish in 2020.  With significant concerns over political instability and the impact of climate change, people are looking to how they can reduce their reliance on the wider world.  Veganism has also risen in popularity, with many people opting for a plant-based diet.  If you want to be on-trend for 2020, then you get online now and order your veg seeds.  If you are looking for a natural starting point, try salad and herb products first.

You could even grow these in window boxes and patio planters if you are short on space.  Just make sure your planting area is exposed to the right amount of sunlight, and you mix and match products in the same area.

If the trend towards self-sufficiency continues at this pace, then you may want to consider a greenhouse.  This decision will allow you to grow food all year round – no matter the weather.

Climate change choices

Everything that you think you know already about what to plant and when might be changing now.  There is, therefore, likely to be a trend towards better understanding the garden that will withstand extreme weather conditions.  You may need to get yourself a barrel that captures rainwater in the summer, for instance.  Equally, in the winter, you may need plant-life that can deal with the saturated ground from the more torrential rains we are starting to experience.

Fancy irrigation systems are no longer felt to be conducive to a vision for sustainable energy use.  Therefore, it is best to choose plants that can fend for themselves a little more through the summer, rather than those that are high maintenance.

The outdoors becomes the indoors

With space limited, people are beginning to see the garden as an extra room in the house.  One of the better ways to increase the value of your home is to create a space outside your house that can be a viable living space too.  A lot of people are choosing comfortable garden furniture and dressing these with cushions.  There are new and elaborate outdoor cooking areas that include stove-like barbeque equipment.  If you want to follow the trends, then your disposable aluminium tray barbeque or fire bowl may not be up to spec in 2020!

Artisan paving and drystone walls

The sculptured finish is not the look for 2020.  There is a move towards a more artisanal look, with irregular slabs and drystone walls making a surge in popularity.  Porcelain paving is particularly popular – or something that looks like an authentic stone just plucked from the ground.  The less structured walling also allows for vertical gardening, with plants tucked amongst the rubble like stones.  This is a softer, much more natural look than some of the modernist and highly symmetrical designs that were once popular.

Go Bold!

There is nothing mooted about the colour schemes for 2020.  The brighter the flowers, the better – adding elegant jewels to the haphazard stonework.   Using colour theory, you should look to choose colours on the opposite side of the wheel.  The stark contrast might appear startling, but they do much to complement each other in your garden.  Some experts even see bright orange making a stunning return in 2020.  Those with a memory of the 1970s may have started to forget the impact of kitsch on our lives!

Zone it out!

Are you using your garden for different purposes? Then, your task for 2020 is to create your different zones.  On the same principle as Disneyland, you need to create your paly zone, your chill-out zone, your grow your own zone… and more. Although we are selling this as a trend for 2020, we are suggesting you sit down and draw out a garden plan to make the most of the space.  This advice is timeless – so you can be sure we will be recycling this again next year.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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