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Garden security 101


When you invest in a Lutyens bench, you want to make sure of your garden security.  You are paying for a highly crafted and personal item, which you love, and you do not want it taken from your garden.  There has, unfortunately, been a rise in garden thefts, with statistics recently noting approximately 700,000 crimes.

There are six potential solutions to securing your garden.  Here we introduce you to each of the options, so you can make the choice that best suits you.

Install security cameras in your garden

It might seem excessive, but data released from police note that garden security cameras are the best deterrent for burglary attempts. This is not only from the garden but your home too.  The deterrent works best if you have signs in your front and back yard, making it clear that anyone entering will be filmed.  It is less that you will be able to catch the person after they have stolen from you, but a matter of encouraging them to think twice in the first place.

If you do not have an external power supply, then you can use battery-powered cameras.  This will protect your garden storage, gates and furniture.  The camera will initiate when there is movement in from of the camera.  However, if you want more hi-tech rather than less – there are now 4G security cameras that will send the feed through to a computer or mobile device over the Wi-Fi network.

Secure the boundaries and any access points

You may want to rely less on technology and more on traditional means.  Therefore, the border to your garden in your first line of defence.  You need to make sure that the fence or boundary is unbreachable.  Avoid barbed wire, broken glass or spikes, as these appear hostile to your neighbours and do not deter burglars.  Instead, opt for garden fencing that is difficult to climb.  Make sure this fence is of stable construction – there is a reason why the picket fence has been a staple for most gardens over the years.

There is little point in making your fence or hedge secure and then leaving the front and back gates as an easy entryway.  Locking the gate with a bolt is one option.  Some people secure the gateway with a lock at the top and the bottom of the gate.  If you have a long driveway installing gravel will help to sound the alarm if someone is approaching.

Install a security light

For obvious reasons, most items are stolen from a garden at night.  The thief feels safe in the shadows and can be and out before you have noticed them.  Therefore, the easiest way to secure the garden is to light the area up.  You can install garden security LED motion-activated lights.  The sudden turning on of the light will act as an alarm for you and will likely startle the burglar, encouraging them to leave the space.

Secure valuables in the garden

Any item in your garden could be tempting to thieves.  There are have been spates of gnome stealing in the past.  Therefore, the most effective tool for securing these items is your shed, garage or your house.  If there is something particularly valuable that is on show in the day, then maybe you should move this inside at night.  You can secure your gnomes by cementing them into the ground or installing an anchor chain.

Lock your garden shed

Your garden shed is the most tempting lure for the thief.  Therefore, to secure your whole garden, you need to make sure your garden shed looks well secured. This can be as simple as putting a padlock on the door.  However, broken windows or poorly maintained sheds can also tempt those walking by.  Therefore, you need to make sure the shed looks sturdy.  It is also a good idea to use a privacy screen on the windows in a shed, so someone can’t check out the contents to see if it is worth some effort.

Get a dog

Our preferred option is to get a dog. A dog that barks when someone is entering its territory is a significant deterrent to thieves.  The barking dog will startle the burglar, will alert your neighbours, and you potentially – and so making it so that the criminal runs away.  A dog will never be enough to keep your valuables safe, but they are a useful means of adding that bonus layer of safety.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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