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Stunning garden decorations for all year round


Your teak garden benches are not just for summer! You want to make your garden look beautiful all year round.  This is easy to do with some simple garden decoration ideas, making your outside stunning no matter the time of year. These garden décor ideas will work whether you have a big yard or a small courtyard space.

Creating an accent wall

Setting aside a wall that creates a feature in your home is standard practice.  Imagine doing the same in your garden.  You can easily use this accent wall to draw attention away from your bins or a drain area.  It is the most-simple DIY project too.  You can take an old wooden bed frame and turn it on its edge.  The bars of the bed frame can then be used to hang pots from – which you can fill with succulents.  It creates a vertical garden that looks dramatic and will grab attention but will take little care.

Outdoor dining

If you want to sit in your garden and share the company of family and friends, then investing in a table and chairs could be the perfect feature.  You could use well-chosen ornaments to surround your dining table and create an intimate space outside.  You can use throws and cushions and a cloth to make this table up when the gathering is particularly special.

Many people are now seeing the garden as an added space.  It is no longer separate from your house.  Instead, your living space tumbles outside.  So, as well as some lovely garden furniture, you may want to invest in a barbeque and outdoor space for cooking.  Remember the power of a metal bucket that can be filled with ice and used to chill your beers.


The best way to bring life to a garden, even in the drabbest winter, is to using lighting. You have lots of choices.  You can accent the lawn with lights and use these lamps on poles to draw the eye of the viewer around the garden.  The beauty gardening is guiding the eye of the viewer in exactly the way that complements planting.

Another lighting option is to use twinkle lights.  Outdoor fairy lights offer a small hint of magic to your garden – especially smaller courtyard garden spaces.  If your garden is a more significant expanse, you may wish to opt for lanterns instead.  If you use your garden all year round you will lose light quickly at times.  Therefore, the lamps will keep the space available to you when you need a moment of peace on your garden bench.

Are you feeling a little more primal? Then you can use brackets to attach your old wine bottles to a wall.  You can then put candles into the necks of the bottle and have a more rustic lighting scheme.  If you are a little less than confident with your garden decoration DIY, you can buy these wine bottle candleholders off the internet.

Something magical

Sometimes the purpose of your decoration is to create the promise of magic.  You can do this with fairy, twinkle lights – but if you are more ambitious, you can create your own fairy garden.  Make yourself a tiny door and some tiny potted plants.  Put down some coloured stones and then place some tiny stepping-stones up to your door.  This is the most wonderful feature for younger members of your family, who will be enchanted by what might be behind the door.  If you have a tree, it is a great idea to tack your door onto the bottom of the tree near the roots.  Then, all you need to do is imagine the world on the other side with your little people.

Decorating decking

You may not have a garden.  You may have a small balcony or a decking space instead.  It would help if you still tried to bring some nature to your home, as it promotes a greater sense of wellbeing.  Therefore, your decoration could focus on the purchase of some of the more luxurious potted plants. You can bring the touch of a tropical paradise to this small space.

You can make a small garden space or a balcony all the fresher and more modern by adding white ceramic pots on wooden stands.  The containers are the feature, and the flowers are the bonus.  So, if you have no green fingers at all, you can plant in some easy to grow succulents that won’t mind a little neglect.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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