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Fire pit safety is something that everyone should be well versed in. When we don’t take proper safety precautions, we put ourselves, our loved ones, and our properties on the line. When you take shortcuts with your firepit safety, you could open the door to injuries and might even start a fire. Since disposable BBQs alone are responsible for 4% of wildfires in the UK[i], it’s vital to be vigilant with your safety precautions.

Please read our informative blog on fire pit safety and care.

1.  Use the correct equipment

Picking the right equipment is one way that you can make sure you are protected against the flames and heat that your fire pit produces. Before you light a fire, you should make sure that you have the following on hand:

  • Fire pit gloves – to safely handle equipment without getting burnt
  • Poker – a long-handled poker to stop you from putting your hands too close to the fire
  • Ash rake – a long-handled rake that will allow you to rake through the ashes once the fire is out to check all the embers are extinguished
  • Fitted fire pit lid – a purpose-built fire pit lid to suffocate the flames and to keep the fire covered (with vents open) whilst waiting for the flames to die down ready for cooking
  • Bucket of sand and/or water – to quickly extinguish flames and embers in an emergency, especially if the wind picks up and pushes flammable materials out of the pit
  • A quality fire pit – choose a UK-made steel fire bowl over one of inferior quality

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2.  Consider the weather

Weather conditions should always be considered before you set up your fire pit. Obviously, nobody wants to sit round a fire pit in the rain, never mind how difficult it would be to keep it lit!

The weather you should be looking out for is wind. Harsh wind and fire don’t mix well (especially if it is a dry day), as it can blow embers out of the fire pit and onto flammable materials. Check the weather forecast and if it is a bit windy, be sure to sit upwind of the fire to avoid smoke blowing into you.

3.  Keep it in an open space

You need to consider the location of your fire pit very carefully. Although it might be tempting to set up in a sheltered area to avoid exposure to the elements, you might be putting yourself in danger. Fire pits should be placed at least 10 feet away from anything flammable – this includes:

  • Hedges
  • Fences
  • Sheds
  • Trees
  • Furniture

Of course, there is nothing wrong with sitting around your fire pit and enjoying the heat, you should just be careful to not leave it unattended whilst it is lit.

4.  Don’t burn incorrect materials

It’s very tempting to throw old magazines and household waste onto your fire pit to get rid of it quickly, but you should never do this. Burning certain materials like plastic, shiny paper, and other waste can release toxic fumes that may harm you and your neighbours. You should only ever burn firewood and other materials suited to your fire pit.

Read up on fire pit rules and regulations.

5.  Put it out correctly

You might think you’re putting your fire pit out properly, but are you? For your fire pit to be classed as extinguished, the ashes need to be stone cold with no embers in sight. When you are relaxing round your fire pit you need to be ready to put it out promptly if and when needed, and you should not leave the pit unattended until the flames have completely died down and the ashes are cold.

To put your fire pit out, place the lid on securely to stop oxygen from reaching it. Once there are no flames, you can pour sand on your fire pit to smother the embers.

Stay alert with fire pit safety rules

Following these simple safety rules will ensure that your fire pit experiences are always good ones and that nobody is at risk of getting injured. You should also be sure to keep children and pets well away from fire pits whilst they are lit and for a while after they have been put out (until the pit is cold to touch). Do you have any tips for upholding fire pit safety? Please let us know!


[i] https://metro.co.uk/2022/04/04/disposable-barbecues-may-be-banned-nationwide-to-cut-risk-of-wildfires-16401242/

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