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5 Ways to Easily Update Your Pond Area


We take a look at five ways you can update the garden pond, restoring it to the calming oasis you want it to be.

A garden pond is great for your garden for so many reasons but not least because it attracts all kinds of wildlife. Along with the soothing melody of a waterfall, the garden pond is a garden feature of which you will never tire. But, if the surrounding area is looking a little lacklustre, take a look at these fantastic five ideas for updating the pond area.


#1 Get plant happy

The edge of the pond is just as important for wildlife as the actual pond itself and so taking a look at the planting around your pond is just one inexpensive way of giving it a new look.

How about…?

  • Rockery plants – drought tolerant plants are great if your pond enjoys full sun. Opt for plants like sedum that provide a shot of colour in summer but valuable ground cover. Insects love rockery plants too and with your pond fish also enjoying the odd pond skater or two, anything that attracts insects is a great thing!
  • Wildflowers – gardeners are being encouraged to bring more wildflowers into the garden and there is no better place than around the edge of the pond. Super hardy, they can be mown and grow back again stronger than ever. Perfect for attracting butterflies and bees, and welcome resting sites for dragonflies and mayflies too.


#2 Japanese pond garden

If you are not so much updating but revamping, there is no better pond scheme that a Japanese pond garden.

The design is strikingly simple but a sheer delight. Plenty of rocks of all shapes and sizes can be used to create a pond surround and if you have the skills, build this up to create your own waterfall.

The planting should be simple and low level, opting for rockery style plants that creep up into a bush habit. Enjoy ruby red leaves against different shades of lush green foliage. And of course, a few koi carp wouldn’t go amiss.


#3 Landscape the edge

If a complete revamp isn’t possible on your budget, updating your pond area by giving it a new surround is great for keeping it a lift.

If you have a sunken pond, peel back the plants at the edge and give it a broad gravel edge instead. Plant your new pond surround plants at the edge of this border giving the impression that the pond is larger than it is.

It also allows you to see the pond more. If you are concerned about limited shade or cover for your fish, pep up your pond plants with an extra lily plant or two. For an exotic feel opt for rare colours such as the midnight blue lily of the Egyptian lily variety.


#4 Relaxing seating

The pond attracts so much attention from wildlife that spending time sitting quietly and watching the soap opera life of the pan must be surely one of the best ways to relax. From sudden breaches of the surface by the larger fish to insects that we rarely notice, updating the seating around your pond is an excellent move.

You will want to choose a garden bench that is comfortable to see on for long periods so choose one that you can use cushions and seating pads.

You can also afford to be a little daring in your choice. A banana bench with its soft curving shape is ideal, for example, and gives a nod of elegance to the space.

Imagine being sat on the bench with the pond close by, the hypnotic noise of the running waterfall and all of nature carrying on with their bustling business all around you? You can feel the stress of modern life slipping away.


#5 Lighting

And finally, our final idea is one that many people have already done but if you haven’t got round to it yet, make this year you do.

There is a beauty to watching light dance on water, whether that is the summer sun or the gentle pond lights of an evening.

As well as fantastic solar lighting, investing in waterproof outdoor lighting that you can control remotely is also a great way of adding something a little extra to your pond area. Again, sitting enjoying the pond at night means you will see even more of nature.


Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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