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Lutyens Bench Covers


Protect Your Lutyens Bench

It’s certainly no surprise that when you search for garden benches on the internet one of the most popular and exclusive type of bench one can buy is the Lutyens garden bench. Inspired by the World renowned Sir Edwin Lutyens the teak benches look stunning in either a natural teak or a painted finish.

Here at GardenBenches.Com we cater for both of these but also know the importance of keeping the pride and joy safe of your garden protected during the cold frosty winter months. We carry considerable numbers of Lutyens bench covers for both our 150cm and 180cm Lutyens benches and these bench covers are designed to have a nice snug fit to ensure they are ready only for a wipe down come the Spring.

All of our garden bench covers are made from green acrylic, ensuring that they repel the elements as much as possible. They are easy to fold up and store away during the summer, ready for when the following winter comes around. All our bench covers have elasticated bottoms meaning that you can stretch them over the legs of the bench to ensure that they have as tight a fit as possible.

We do not recommend that any teak garden bench is stored indoors either inside your home or in a heated garage or greenhouse. The reason for this is that teak is a natural living, breathing material that has unique properties in that it maintains a lot of moisture yet is a solid and very durable wood. If you do not oil your benches and keep them in a heated environment then the sap within the benches can be drawn out of the bench leaving it weak and therefore susceptible to cracking.

This is why a garden bench cover will allow the bench to remain outside and still allow air-flow and some moisture to access the bench ensuring that the temperature and structural integrity of the bench is maintained.

The Teak garden benches from GardenBenches.Com are manufactured using only the highest quality teak from our factory in the Far East. Despite this, we suggest that a garden bench cover is used in extreme conditions when the bench could be exposed to things such as excessive moisture that can seep into surface cracks and expand when freezing.

We manufacture the Lutyens bench covers specifically to fit out 3 & 4 seater Lutyens benches. The dome on the benches is indicative of a Lutyens bench and as such, the bench covers are designed with this in mind.

We would suggest that if you have purchased a Lutyens bench elsewhere that you check the dimensions of your particular bench prior to ordering a Lutyend bench cover with us.

Our 150cm Lutyens bench will comfortably seat up to three people where the 180cm will seat four. You can use this as a barometer when you come to choosing the right cover for your garden bench.

Don’t forget that if the bench cover you have selected doesn’t fit, you are most welcome to return the cover to us within 14 days of it arriving to you for a full refund. This will be processed upon the safe receipt of the retuned bench cover into our warehouse.

Buy your beloved garden bench an early Christmas present and keep him warm this winter!

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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