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Why Your Garden Needs a Banana Chair


What is a Banana Chair?

Banana chairs are becoming an increasingly popular addition to the patio or decking areas in and around the home. They arrive fully constructed and are sometimes referred to as Halfmoon Banana Chairs because of the curvature of the ‘scroll’ that runs along the back of the chair.

Usually constructed of Teak there is a subtle difference among some retailers mainly relating to the scroll back. Some cheaper designs do not have the overhang on the back of the chairs making it sometimes look a little deformed and certainly less comfortable.

What are Banana Chairs made from?

Banana Chairs by Sloane & Sons offer what is sometimes referred to as the deluxe Banana Chair where there is a clearly defined thick ‘bow’ shaped piece of teak that holds the chairs together from the top. These teak chairs form part of the Banana Set or Banana Bench category here and are among the popular wooden benches in the UK today.

The durability of teak is unquestioned, indigenous of the Far East rain forests of Indonesia all of our timber is Indonesian Legal Wood ensuring that they come from regulated and legal plantations. The difference between our teak and others is that we also own a stake in the factory that we buy directly from so we can effectively cut out the greedy middlemen like Garden Centres and High street retailers. This coupled with our timber being grade ‘A’ teak ensures that the wood harvested is the closest to the core of the tree when cut thus ensuring it is the most matured and hard wearing.

How long will my Banana Chair last?

Teak should last in excess of 15-20 years without requiring much maintenance at all. The key differential is how the benches are assembled. Banana Benches and chairs alike are constructed using traditional mortise and tenon joints and dowelled as source to ensure a strong and completely screw and bolt free furniture. You see so many of the so called ‘sheds’ these days insist on using allen key fixings and bolts to fuse the wood together. The bolts can rust and loosen over time causing the joints to no longer be safe or strong. This is what happens when a foreign material such as metal is introduced into a traditional manufacturing process.

Are they comfortable?

The unusual shape of the Banana Chairs (and benches) ensure that comfort comes as standard. They are not too deep that your legs don’t touch the floor but also allow you to sit in the seat (rather than on). Cushions are also a way of increasing comfort with all garden furniture if you are considering using the seat for a continuous period of time. Sloane & Sons offer a nice selection of Olefin based fabric from which they make their cushion.

Olefin is oil based and thus weather and stain resistant making it one of the best materials in the market today for outdoor furniture cushions. In addition to this always ensure that your cushions ‘core’ or insides as made from compressed fibre as oppose to foam. Foam acts like a sponge meaning you will constantly be getting a wet backside after a small shower whereas compressed fibre coupled with olefin will ensure that water passes quickly though and is not retained.

Ideal for any outdoor space.. big or small!

Banana Chairs along with their matching table can make a perfect little outdoor bistro set not just for the home but also commercially. We have supplied several golf clubs and schools with the Banana Set as it tends to be a go to favourite due to its unusual design and robust structure.

The size of the chair makes it ideal for all outdoor spaces including patios, and provides additional seating for when you’re hosting a family BBQ or soaking up the sun. Investing in this quality chair would be a decision well made, and is the reason why your garden needs a Banana Chair!

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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