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What exactly is a Couples Bench?

If you asked your friends, would they know or would their first port of call be looking it up on Google? They would look it up on Google! They would probably be a little surprised by the images of Couples Benches that they would see, as it’s not really a bench in the format that we would normally recognise it.

A Couples Bench comprises of 2 teak outdoor “Banana” chairs that are angled towards eachother and the two pieces are joined together by a triangular shaped table in the middle of the chairs. One of the beauties of the Couples Bench is that it is delivered to your door ready assembled and this makes it a fantastic gift for your friends or your parents as they won’t need to be concerned about their DIY skills not being up to scratch. The Couples Bench will merely need to be unwrapped and placed in situe ready for use.

The Couples Bench is ideal for either placing on the lawn or on the patio and sometimes it’s not easy to decide what to put in that sunny corner at the top of the garden. With the angling of the Couples Bench, that corner spot can be perfectly filled to make good use of the sunny afternoons we love to enjoy.

Garden benches can sometimes be viewed as a little “old fashioned” and for those people who prefer a more stylish and contemporary piece of garden furniture, the couples or Companion Bench is the perfect choice. The seat backs are curved, offering smooth lines and a place to rest your arms comfortably. With the backs being contoured, it is so easy to relax into the shape of the Couples Garden Bench and just let the world go by.

The Banana Couples Bench is not a stand alone product. It is part of the outdoor teak Banana range and whilst you may initially want to purchase a Banana Couples Bench, you have left the door open to add to your purchase with other products from the Banana family. So, if you have purchased or are about to purchase a Couples Bench as a birthday, Christmas or Anniversary gift, you will be able purchase another product from the range for the next birthday, Christmas or Anniversary that comes around.

Some customers feel cautious about leaving their Couples Benches outside all winter but there is really nothing to be concerned about. Teak is a hard wood that fairs well in the English winter but there are Couples Bench waterproof covers that are available to purchase if you feel that you would have more piece of mind covering your Couple Bench over the winter period.