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Easy Ways to Perk Up Your Garden


It’s easy to think that your garden may not be as bright as it could but, but it’s relatively easy to add some colour and interest to your outdoor space.

Make Your Garden Fun

Your garden is the place where you will spend the majority of the warmer summer months. From dining outside to enjoying the latest paperback book, it is a versatile space that offers something to everybody in the family.

But just like an interior room, your garden needs a little help to stay looking at its best. And the good news is that with a little effort and no more than a hint of a budget, you can perk up your garden. Here’s how;


Give it a scrub

If you have a power washer, spend the afternoon giving the patio a wash. When water stands in sunlight, the resulting green stain can be hard to shift. Autumn leaves and other detritus also ‘stick’ to the patio but you won’t realise how much until you give it a scrub.

If you don’t have a power wash, you can hire one or hire a gardening firm to do it for you. Failing that, a bucket of hot water, a stiff-bristled yard broom, an environmentally-friendly detergent and elbow grease will do just the job. Rinse off the suds with clean water, leave to dry and enjoy the patio for the remainder of the summer.

Need to scrub the decking? There are specialist scrubbing brushes and products that clean the wood without damaging it. Be careful with a power washer as the powerful jet can damage the wood.


Get creative

Garden furniture takes the brunt of the weather from scorching summer sun to winter rains and lashing autumn wind.

Giving it a clean and a wash down before you use it makes sense but if you have a piece of garden furniture that needs some TLC, the time has come to get creative.

You can also do this with an interior occasional or coffee table too. Creating a mosaic table top for an older table is a great way of upcycling it to a new role.

Use mosaic tiles – you can buy bits and bobs online or you can buy a pack of mosaic tiles of ‘string vests’ that can easily be cut from most hardware or DIY stores. Or you can invest in a hand-held tile cutter and cut smaller pieces of older tiles.

Once you have your table and mosaic tiles, design a pattern before you start sticking them onto the table top. When you are ready, use a small amount of tile adhesive on the table top – don’t cover the whole table in one go or it will ‘go off’ or set before you have chance to place all your tiles – and push the tiles into it into your desired pattern.

Once complete, allow the tile adhesive to set and then use a matching coloured tile grout to fill the spaces between the gaps. Wipe off the excess, place in the garden and marvel at your creativity and eye for design!


Get clever with accessories

In the last few years, we have seen more and more outside accessories come to the market, from cushions to throws, rugs and lighting, there is a wide range of items that can be used outside and can be left outside too, as materials are now showerproof.

As well as online store, there are high street and independent retailers that stock a range of trendy garden accessories;

·         Outdoor rugs – made from colourful recycled plastic in some cases, outdoor rugs are great for adding a zap of colour to a deck or, patio or lawned area. Choose bright colours and pretty patterns.

·         Floor cushions – pouffes and floor cushions are not just for the living room but for use on the patio with garden benches and dining chairs too. Fabulous extra seating when guests call, they too come in a range of bright, zany colours.

·         Furniture cushions – how plain would your sofa look without a scatter cushion or two? So why treat your garden furniture the same? Garden bench cushions are inexpensive but ideal for adding colour and interest to the garden, as well as a little bit of extra comfort.

·         Lanterns, candles and lights – lanterns are a pretty way of adding colour as well as being the safe option for keeping candles safe in the garden. Solar fairy or string lights are also ideal.

·         Curtains – bear with us on this one but if you look at pergolas in warmer climes, you will see that shade is provided by voile panels. Add a touch of luxury with cream voile panels under your pergola or enjoy the added zing of colour with bright voile shades.


Which of these ideas will you try?

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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