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Choosing Garden Furniture


Home is where the heart is. A slogan championed by many to refer to the idea that we love to be in the comfort of our houses. Outside of the home lives an old friend who we just love to be with. The garden has long been the safe haven of many people, a sort of retreat to escape to and just spend that little bit of me time or bring together friends and family for quality activities. When it comes to choosing garden furniture, getting it right is a must for the sake of attaining the optimum result from outdoor space. There are many issues that must be discussed before purchasing any furniture and such a decision cannot be rushed.

Garden Furniture Usage

First and foremost, it’s important to ascertain exactly for what purpose you use the garden. Is the garden a sanctuary where you become a loner and relax outside with your favourite book or a social hub brimming with good times with good friends? A new garden bench that caters for three or four people would be pretty useless if you allow nobody to take a seat, or of course you like to put your feet up!

Available Space for Garden Furniture

Probably the most important aspect in the decision making process is to recognise how much room there is at hand. It is of no benefit whatsoever to go out and purchase a 5 seater bench only to find out that there really isn’t enough space for the bench along with other items that may be in the garden. A 2 seater bench can still be a sight to behold, even if it doesn’t provide for as many people as you’d have liked. Three and four seater benches are also a pleasure to look at provided that they are crafted properly and are able to hold sufficient weight.

Available Garden Storage

If you are to only have the furniture present seasonally, do you have a storage place or facility in which to harbour it until the time is right? It is important to note whether or not the items you purchase are able to be folded away or stacked with similar items if you this is your plan of action. If you intend to have the furniture on show all year round you should check that is made of materials able to withstand the elements and not deter in quality during those sometimes extreme weathers that creep up on us every once in a while.

Where will the Garden Furniture be Placed?

If you are not positive where your new furniture will be placed, you probably have a very good idea where you’d prefer it to go. The surface on which the item will be may have a dramatic impact on the overall experience of the product. Patio decking should be checked for strength to determine whether it is capable of supporting all furniture to be present as well as a number of guests who may be present at any time. Another point to consider would be whether the decking will be as resistant as desired in terms of scratches from tables, chairs and benches potentially being hauled and dragged across it.

Garden Furniture Care

Thinking about the best way to preserve furniture is also a very important matter. The upkeep of some materials may not be cost effective when deciding which furniture is best for you. With a wood like teak, very little maintenance but still rewards with a stunning look. Teak is a very strong and durable wood which matures as it gets older and seamlessly both transforms and fits into the scheme of most gardens. There are also oils that can further protect your bench from any damage that come along. Another method of protecting your investment is with a waterproof cover which again will insure against most ways in which your furniture may become worn.

Garden Furniture Accessories

Now that you’ve got your furniture and you’re ready to get down to the relaxing stuff, is it personal to you? Don’t be afraid to add cushions and decorations that make your furniture even more comfortable and unique to you, but most of all enjoyable.

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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