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How to Choose the Right Patio Furniture


Garden furniture is an investment that you want to get right. Knowing what to look for means that you invest in a set that last for years to come but is also adaptable and versatile. So, what is it that you are looking for?

Choosing the Best Garden Furniture

Comfort and function, possibly the two most important considerations when it comes to investing in patio furniture. But it also needs to be stylish and in keeping with the style of garden as well as your home’s interior. More and more, we are looking to marry the outdoors with the interior of our home and this means getting the right patio furniture.

We have seven tips on how to choose the best for your garden and for your budget too.


1) Make a list

With such careful planning required, it pays to spend some time making a list of what you need, as opposed to what you want. What is it that you need the garden patio furniture needs to do?

For example, are you planning on dining al fresco with family and friends or are you wanting to create a relaxing space for you and your significant other? Clearly, what you need the patio furniture to do and how you want it to perform, informs that will work best – why opt for a dining table when you need less formal seating solutions for your patio?

HINT You might also want to consider the accessories and other detailing that creates a pleasant patio, from a fire bowl or pit to lighting.


2) Try it out

The glossy pictures are meant to sell the garden patio furniture and it is still surprising how many of us still invest a large wad of cash on patio furniture without trying it first. When you consider the amount of time we spend using it, this is a surprising statistic.

And so, if you have decided that a dining set is called for or a garden bench is the required solution, take your time to not only find the best within your budget but take time out to sit on various examples to get a comfort rating.

HINT Good looks don’t always mean comfort. But neither does function have to mean bland, boring design.


3) Easy care

There are some amazing examples of fabulously designed benches and patios dining sets out there but frankly, if their care and maintenance are complicated or time-consuming (or both), they are probably best left to the glossy pages of the brochure.

Hardwood patio furniture may be at the top end of your budget but, it is the material that lasts longer and stands firm in the face of British weather. And neither does it require any special treatment – simply use a protective cover in winter.

HINT Sometimes spending more to get the right material is just as important as the right style.


4) Storage

Unfortunately, in the UK we don’t enjoy weather that allows us to enjoy sitting in our garden all year and the best protection for garden furniture over the cold winter months is dry indoor storage. However, if this isn’t an option, you will need to think about how you will shield the patio furniture you have just invested in from the weather.

HINT A waterproof, well-fitting protective cover can be enough of a barrier if indoor storage is not available.


5) Colour

As well as the pleasing tones of natural wood, there are stunning examples of coloured finishes that mean your chosen patio furniture can act as the detail of colour that compliments your garden perfectly.

HINT When choosing coloured patio furniture, make sure that it is a colour finish that will last the test of time.


6) Quality, quality, quality

When it comes to garden furniture, the one mantra that you need to stick with rigidly is quality, quality, quality. Compromising not just on the quality of the materials but the quality of design, build and finish will mean that your investment will not last the test of time.

HINT Choosing something as delightful and high-quality as Lutyens benches and other hardwood items means you never compromise on quality.


7) Add more comfort

By using an outdoor rug to add comfort for your feet, as well as colour. But, like a rug used in the interior of your home, a rug on a patio can help to frame the space so that it looks, snug and inviting.

HINT Technological advancements mean that outdoor rugs are quick drying and perfect for seeing the summer through.


The right patio furniture is an investment that is worth getting right. What would you opt for?

Anna Sharples

Anna is the marketing and office manager for Garden Benches - a premium supplier of high-quality wooden benches and other outdoor furniture.

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