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Waterproof Cover for 150cm Benches

Waterproof Cover for 150cm Benches

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The British weather is notoriously fickle and while rain is often a welcome sight for budding horticulturalists it can dampen the spirits of those simply looking to enjoy their garden in the sunshine. Our waterproof covers for 150cm benches are the perfect answer to this most British of problems, by using one of these hardwearing waterproof covers you can be sure that your garden bench is ready for use even after the stormiest of weather.

These covers are also ideal for use over winter as a means to protect your high quality teak garden bench, ensuring that it remains in prime condition ready to be used again in spring when the sun returns to your garden, there’s also nothing stopping you from making the most of sunny spells in the winter. Our waterproof covers are crafted from Teflon coated polyester, making them highly durable and resistant to dirt and grime, ensuring that your garden bench will be clean and dry when you next want to use it. These waterproof covers are also quick and easy to put into storage, folding up to be put away for the next time you need it.

Our range of waterproof covers are also an excellent investment to accompany the wide variety of accessories and care products that we also supply, your bench cushions and decorations will be kept safe and dry while combining the waterproof cover with our extensive teak care range will help your bench to keep its golden sheen all year round.

Product Type Waterproof Cover
Bench Type No
Size No
Width 150cm
Height 95cm
Depth 62cm
Seat Height 45cm
Assembly No

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