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  • How To Enjoy The Sun Responsibly

    The summer has truly arrived in the UK, and as the days get hotter we are starting to regularly see that unfamiliar glowing orb in the sky. Yes – the sun is finally making an appearance! Brits all over the country are heading outside to take in the seasonal sun...

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  • Add Colour to Your Garden this Summer

    Your garden might be looking a bit sun bleached with all this sun. with colour fading before your very eyes, brighten your garden with colourful accessories. But where to start?   How To Make Your Garden More Colourful Summer is THE best time in the garden. With long, warm days...

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  • 7 Ways to Make Your Garden More Private

    More often than not, neighbours can see into your garden and although they are not necessarily being nosey, it can be off-putting when you are enjoying dining al fresco or playing with the kids. We’ve collated several ways to add a shade more privacy to your garden. #1 Grow a...

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  • How to Get Your Old Garden Furniture Summer Ready

    It may be old and more than a little jaded in looks but with a lick of paint and some basic maintenance, your garden furniture can be summer-ready in the blink of an eye! The weather has a lot to answer for. The cold wind and rain of winter giving...

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  • The Benefits of Gardening and Anxiety Reduction

    By Marissa Katrin Maldonado   I think we can all agree that life can get really crazy.  With the onslaught of never-ending demands on our time and energy we may find ourselves in stress overload.  Ramped up stress can trigger the body’s chemical response, the cortisol hormone, and in what...

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