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  • Spring Your Garden to Life with this Gardening Guide

    Spring Your Garden to Life with this Gardening Guide The garden is emerging from its winter hibernation and the first spring flowers have appeared. At this time of year, gardeners’ thoughts turn to new beds and new planting. After months of hiding indoors studying seed catalogues, it is finally time...

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  • Winter Tips for Garden Design

    Now winter is well and truly here, it’s time to give your garden some love to keep it looking stylish and seasonal. Just because winter is here, doesn't mean that you can't enjoy your outdoor space or garden bench. From giving your garden benches a winter makeover to adding some...

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  • The Definitive Guide to Contemporary Gardening

    Our busy modern lifestyles mean that there is a growing desire for some simplicity in the farm. Adopting a contemporary gardening style is therefore the most suitable step for you to take. If you have a family, you can add some stylish and uncluttered couples benches that require little maintenance...

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  • Planting Tips to Make Your Garden Stand Out Next Spring

    With autumn upon us, most gardeners are spending the last of the warm days tidying and preparing their garden for winter. This is the time that some plants and shrubs are pruned, bulbs are planted and other flowers are coaxed into slumber. With planning and the right treatment, these plants...

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  • Design Ideas for a Walled Garden

    The walled garden was once the main stay of garden design, especially in sections of estates and larger gardens. As a design, there is a pleasing resurgence and one that many people are looking to recreate. But how can you create a walled garden? What works well in the space...

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