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  • How to Maintain Your Garden Furniture

    Garden benches, dining sets and other pieces need to be maintained - no matter how well made they are or high quality their finish and craftsmanship. We take a look the best ways to maintain and protect your garden furniture. Protect Your Garden Furniture From Rain Rain, rain, go away...

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  • Prepare Your Garden Furniture for the Summer

    Summer is almost here, so it’s time to get your seating areas ready for an onslaught of BBQs and parties. This blog discusses how to prepare your furniture for the summer The daytime temperature is hitting double figures and that means one thing: getting out in the garden and enjoying...

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  • Winter Care for an Outdoor Bench

    Many of us will regularly clean out our houses, touch up paint and care for indoor soft furnishings on a fairly regular basis. So don't we apply this kind of upkeep to our outdoor benches and garden spaces too? How can you look after your outdoor benches? These days, garden...

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  • How to Maintain a Memorial Bench Through Winter

    Memorial benches are not uncommon sights across the UK. A fitting tribute in so many ways, many people choose to place the bench, commemorating a loved one in a favourite spot. But no bench is immune to the vagaries of the unpredictable British weather. There is one certainty, however, and...

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  • Top Tips for Looking After Your Garden Bench

    The garden bench is one of those things that is always there to support you. That is why we miss it when it breaks or is no longer usable. The not-so humble garden bench is a staple of the British garden, and even though a hardwood bench may not need...

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