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Lutyens garden benches

Quality Lutyens Garden Benches

The Lutyens bench was a creation of Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens, a British architect who was, and still is, known for imaginatively adapting traditional architectural styles to the requirements of his particular era. The Lutyens bench is also known as a Sissinghurst bench or Marlborough bench, all names of the same product.

It must be said, what a delightful statement a Lutyens bench makes to us in this day and age! Hand crafted in Indonesia, these teak benches feature distinctive scrolled arms and a beautiful mid - bench arched back design, which makes this a versatile and unique piece, suitable for any conservatory or garden. Attention to detail in this design makes this bench a “must have” addition to any garden as it will draw comments of admiration from your family and guests.

The range of teak Lutyens garden benches and lutyens garden seats all adhere to the same standards and programs as any of the other range to maintain the sustainability of the plantations that the materials come from. The codes on our individual benches can be cross-referenced with Trees 4 Trees on their website: