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5 Simple Gardening Tips and Tricks for Spring

By billy b.

Red Lutyens Bench 150 45

Birds are tweeting, the sun is making an appearance and it’s time for your garden to come back to life after a miserable winter. Like mine, your garden probably needs some assistance getting prepared for Spring. So it’s time to pull out the...

Choosing Garden Furniture

By andy.
Choosing Garden Furniture

Home is where the heart is. A slogan championed by many to refer to the idea that we love to be in the comfort of our houses. Outside of the home lives an old friend who we just love to be with. The garden has long been the safe haven of many people, a sort of retreat to escape to and just spend that little bit of me time or bring together friends and family for quality activities. When it comes to choosing garden furniture, getting it right is a must for the sake of attaining the optimum result from outdoor space. There are many issues that must be discussed before purchasing any furniture and such a decision cannot be rushed.