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Why Your Garden Needs a Banana Chair

By edward.

Banana Chair Garden Benches 45

What is a Banana Chair?

Banana chairs are becoming an increasingly popular addition to the patio or decking areas in and around the home. They arrive fully constructed and are sometimes referred to as Halfmoon Banana Chairs because of the...

How to Build a Garden Bench

By billy b.

Classic Garden Benches 150 Front

A teak garden bench offers the perfect finishing touch to a garden or allotment. Whatever the size or design of the area, the bench has to be properly made, usually with traditional mortise and tenon joints that slot together allowing strong...

Next Day Garden Bench Delivery

By edward.

Oxford Garden Benches 150 45

You knew that you wanted a bench a few weeks ago but you didn't get around to ordering one. If the bench is for your own garden and you are having guests over for drinks and something to eat, then we can provide next day delivery to you. More...

Tree Benches

By edward.

Garden Benches Circular Tree Bench Straight

It is just so “English” to see a tree bench around the base of a lovely oak tree, either in a residential garden or perhaps a public area, but it is also quite majestic to see a tree bench around a flagpole or perhaps a sculpture either adjacent...

Introducing the Salisbury Backless Bench Collection

By andy.
Backless Benches

Spring will soon be upon us and with it brings the long awaited allure of a new cycle of life. The birds will soon be chirping again and those plants and flowers we’ve been desperate to see come back into bloom will once again grace us with their undeniable charm.;

To celebrate the (hopefully) upcoming improvements in the weather and climate, we’ve got an incredible selection of backless benches available to pre-order in time for March delivery.

Remembrance with a Memorial Bench

By andy.

Memorial Bench Blog Post Img

A Memorial bench is a wonderful way of celebrating the life of a loved one. To have the bench situated near the grave of a family member is a great source of comfort to all friends and relatives who may visit. We offer a wide range of such benches from our extensive collection.

The Perfect Anniversary Gift

By andy.
Balmoral Bench

Are you and your siblings fighting over what to get your mum and dad for their anniversary? Why not look at a one of our Garden Benches to commemorate their special occasion?

We can offer engraving or inscriptions services as well delivery on the day you want. Most of our benches are suitable for anniversaries but the ones that really stand out for us are our Lutyens and Balmoral collections, strong, aesthetically pleasing and above all else comfortable.