Garden Bench Protection

Maintaining Your Garden Bench

By edward.
Maintaining a Garden Bench

Even the most well looked after of items can be prone to damage over time. In some cases, you don’t have any control over this either. Everything from paint to the weather (especially in the UK where we seem to be constantly battered by storm force winds and torrential rain) can have an adverse impact on wooden benches.

Caring for your teak garden bench

By andy.
Teak Bench Cleaner

Teak is an increasingly popular choice for garden benches. The wood is durable, somewhat weather resistant, and it has become a bit of a status symbol. It’s a great choice for outdoor furniture but like all garden chairs and benches, it needs to be looked after to avoid the discolouring and erosion that inevitably comes with time.

Garden Bench Security

By andy.
Bench Security Anchor Kit

Remember our benches are for life, not just for a Summer!!! You have bought one of our teak, banana wood or painted benches possibly for your own garden or as a memorial to a loved one and of course you want to protect it and secure it from vandals and the elements.

Lutyens Bench Covers

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Protect Your Lutyens Bench

It’s certainly no surprise that when you search for garden benches on the internet one of the most popular and exclusive type of bench one can buy is the Lutyens garden bench. Inspired by the World renowned Sir Edwin...